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Four Syracuse firemen earn state ‘Firefighter of the Year’ award

ROD: THREE FIREMEN FROM SYRACUSE HAVE BEEN HONORED BY NEW YORK STATE AS FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR! ALL FOR THE FEARLESSNESS THEY SHOWED AT A HOME ON FITCH STREET LAST YEAR. NEWSCHANNEL NINE’S JOSH MARTIN SAT DOWN WITH THEM TO DISCUSS A NIGHT THEY WILL NEVER FORGET. JOSH: NAT FIRE JOSH: ON APRIL 5, 2018 RODNEY MATTISON, CHRISTOPHER DESTAFANO AND LT. GENE JOHNSON SAND THE REST OF THEIR COMPANY GEARED UP AT THREE AM– HEADED TO A HOUSE FIRE ON FITCH STREET. GENE JOHNSON we report a structure fire with up to eight people trapped, conditions outside were a lot of snow, slippery roads, everything was stacked against us. JOSH: THE THREE WENT TO STRAIGHT TO THE ROOF — THE FLAMES COMING THROUGH RIGHT AT THEIR FACES. RODNEY MATTISON “it’s moment where you have to channel the fear, you’re gonna have that initial fear, of what is unknown until you see it, but again that’s where your training gives you the confidence, and you know the people with you are working as hard as you are, to complete the same job, which is put the fire out JOSH: FOUR PEOPLE — INCLUDING A BABY — DIED IN THE FIRE. CHARLES DUBOIS WAS CONVICTED EARLIER THIS YEAR OF INTENTIONALLY SETTING IT. SOT FULL CHRISTOPHER DESTAFANO “Yeah it’s terrible, because you always hope for a better outcome, that’s why we’re here, hoping to save somebody, if at all possible, but we can deal with it, I think, knowing the three of us because we know we did everything we could, but you’re always hoping for a better outcome than that. JOSH: THE EFFORTS AND FEARLESSNESS DISPLAYED BY THE THREE MEN THAT NIGHT WAS RECOGNIZED BY NEW YORK STATE– ALL THREE RECEIVED THE HONOR OF FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR. IN SYRACUSE, JOSH MARTIN NEWSCHANNEL NINE. ROD: SYRACUSE FIREFIGHTER KEVIN COX ALSO RECEIVED FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR HONORS FOR SAVING A TEEN WHO FELL OUT OF A WINDOW LAST YEAR. HE NOTICED THE TEEN WAS STILL BLEEDING AFTER BEING PUT ON A STRETCHER AND HELPED OUT UNTIL THEY COULD GET THEM INTO SURGERY. KEVIN COX: I’ve always been pretty good at what I do, you know, I take pride in training hard, working hard, and you know, a situation like that it’s tough for just a handful of people to see everything, and the timing of it was that I walked in and was able to see something that wasn’t seen because they were busy doing other things, you know, it’s good luck and good timing. ROD: ALL FOUR RECEIVED THEIR HONORS LAST WEEK IN SARATOGA.


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