Former Firefighter Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime

Matthew Paul started out as a firefighter in Oklahoma. But when his sister, a single mother, was due to have another child, when she was already struggling to raise the first, Matthew dropped everything to move to Arizona and help out. He ended up taking guardianship of that little girl. And now, six-year-old Kinsley, calls him daddy. Matthew and Kinsley have both suffered health issues recently, but Matthew’s fighting through it. He started a new job as an aircraft maintenance technician, at Perform Air International in Gilbert on October 16th. And that’s where we caught up with him. All right, this is the moment. We’re standing outside of Perform Air here in Gilbert. Angie’s here, Kinsley’s here, Michelle is here. We are about to give Matthew the surprise of his lifetime. Let’s go! Surprise! Hi, baby! Daddy! Daddy! Hi, baby! Look! Hey Matthew, I’m Mitch Carr. I’m here with 12 News. It’s nice to meet you. Daddy! This is Angie Phillips. Angie’s with Mountain America Credit Union. Hi, nice to meet you. Daddy, take this! We know this is your first day at work, and we really wanted to make it extra special. And we have some really nice things for you. But we’re going to go somewhere and tell you all about it, okay? Okay, phew! Daddy, pick me up. We are here, specifically we have chosen you, because your sister Michelle wrote to us. Michelle’s letter details all the struggles her brother has gone through recently, and how hard he’s worked to support not just Kinsley, but Michelle and her family too. If you saw the love and care, and all the things my brother has given up, to give this little girl a better life, you would love him as well. Well I think the letter spoke for itself. You’ve sacrificed so much for your family. You’ve done incredible things. You’ve got this great, new job, and we just, we were really touched by your story. So, we wanted to help you out. Mountain America Credit Union provided a scholarship to a dance studio for Kinsley, as well as a dance outfit. You get to go to dance now. So much dancing.
It’s your dance outfit! A gift card to Home Depot, so Matthew can buy equipment he’ll need for his new job. No way! A gift card for an eye exam and a new pair of glasses. I’ve had the same ones for five years. Daddy already has glasses. That’s awesome. And the big one, Mountain America is paying for Matthew to get additional certification for his job, that will help him advance more quickly, and earn more money at the job that’s always been his dream. Everything I do is for that little girl. And these tools behind me will help me give her a better future, so it’s just not for me, it’s for her, too. (upbeat music)

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