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Forged in Fire: The KA-BAR Fighting Knife Tests (Season 5) | History

J NEILSON: Blade smiths,
welcome to our strength test. Now, what I’m going to do
is take each of your knives and I’m going to thrust and
chop into these paint cans several times. I don’t really care what
your blades do to the cans, it’s more about what the
cans do to your blades. Nick, you’re up first. You ready? NICK: As ready as
I’m going to get. J NEILSON: That’s all I ask for. NICK: My biggest concern
is that the blade may not be sharp enough. It came out pretty
thick and I didn’t get to spend enough
time refining the edge as I would like. [music playing] [metal banging] BRIAN: I’m so glad I
wore my brown pants. J NEILSON: First off, your
blade now looks like a ka-bar, which is what we asked for. Not the most comfortable
handle I’ve ever held on to. It was really not much
in the way of indexing. I really needed
a glove for this. That being said, you
did give me a good guard and you did give me
a button on the back, so when I pull
from the stab, I’ve got something to hold onto. It doesn’t just
slide out of my hand. But the big issue is a
bunch of little chips in it. See right there there’s a
flake still sticking out. You still have most
of an edge, but now it’s partially serrated. But overall, it held up. Good job. NICK: Thank you. J NEILSON: Ready, Brian? BRIAN: Go for it. J NEILSON: I’m going to. BRIAN: My gut is in a knot. I’m afraid of my blade failing. [music playing] [metal banging]
Ahh. J NEILSON: All right Brian,
we obviously have an issue. Welding on that back bar
to try and reinforce it was a good idea. I think a little heat added
a little more stress to it. BRIAN: It was somewhat
expected, but I am defeated on the inside. WIL WILLIS: Blade smiths,
these weapons tests are designed to be
intentionally difficult to set you apart from one another. Brian, your blade suffered
a catastrophic failure, but that doesn’t mean that
you’re out of this competition. One of our blades smiths still
has to perform this test. So your fate and his fate
ride entirely on the strength of Alex’s blade. ALEX: If my blade breaks,
I don’t know what happens. I’ve got a couple big cracks
so I’m pretty concerned. [music playing] [metal banging] J NEILSON: Alex, nice job. Your edge held up very well. There was minor chipping. But overall, you’ve got
most of your edge on there. Good job. ALEX: Thank you. WIL WILLIS: Alex,
your blade held up. Brian, that means that your
blade did not make the cut. You suffered a
catastrophic weapons failure in our strength test. And for that reason,
I have to ask you to please leave the forge. BRIAN: Good job. Good job. I’m going home today
because it was honestly my welding of my
cubes in the beginning that led to all my problems. But going forward
I’ve learned a lot. And I picked up a bromance. I got a bro down in Florida
now, so that’s awesome.


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