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Flashing Lights Firefighter Gameplay

Hi everybody today, we wanted to show you the fire department mechanics from flashing lights There’s a large fire in town and we need to put it out a fire extinguisher Isn’t going to cut it so we need to use the fire hose The fire engine is our main mode of transportation And contains our tools and equipments we can turn on the lights the siren and rush to the emergency The world does have some destructible elements like street signs (sirens) Once we arrive We can go to the side Compartments of the fire engine and pull out some useful tools like the ladder and axe the spreaders and the trusty fire Extinguisher we should use the fire hose in this situation The fire hose can be connected to the fire engine or in this case two nearby fire hydrants The fire hose unravels as you move We’re experimenting with this mechanic But the length will likely be limited some position of your fire engine or nearby fire hydrants will be key to success Once the fire hose is linked to the hydrant you can use it to put out the fire Be careful though if you leave just a single flame the fire will continue to spread Thank you for watching if you want to support the development of flashing lights a link to the Kickstarter page is in the description below


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