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Flash Challenge Preview: Got Your Back – Ink Master, Season 8

– Team Peck and Team Nuñez,
welcome. Tattooing has never
been a team sport until now. But in the end, it will still
only be one artist who earns $100,000,
a feature in “Ink Magazine,” and the title of Ink Master. – Here we go. – But before you can battle the
opposing team, you must first
battle your own. – What the [bleep] does that
mean? – Each week, only one team will
be up for elimination. You will tattoo against the
artists on your team, and one by one, the judges will
weed out the weakest until the top ten
artists remain. – Damn.
– What? This is true insanity.I can’t believe we chose the
strongest members on our team,
and now we have to compete
against them. – It’s like sleeping
with the enemy. – To determine which team is up
for elimination first, you will compete, Team Peck
versus Team Nuñez, in the first flash challenge. – [bleep]. – This week, we’re testing
composition. – Composition is being able to
show how an image works together as a whole,
how it flows, how itworks within each different
element of the design,
and making sure that it looks
cohesive as one piece. – Today, your team must tattoo
three back pieces on three
canvases at the same time. – That’s [bleep] crazy.– Three back pieces?Something
like this usually takes months. – When placed side-by-side,
all three back pieces must create
one interlocking image. – How the [bleep] do we do it? – Let’s bring in your canvases. Your canvases have been randomly
assigned. Now, these are guys
who put their backs on the line every day,
so do not mess them up. Team Nuñez, your canvases
are some of the city’s bravest firefighters. Team Peck, your canvases are
some of the city’s
finest police officers. The team that wins this flash
challenge will be safe from elimination this week,
and they will also have the power to assign the
human canvases to the opposing team in the
elimination tattoo. – Oh, yeah. – You will have seven hours to
tattoo. How you work together is
completely up to you as a team. Good luck. – Sketchy. Nice to meet you.
– John Collins. – Hi. I’m Nikki. – For time management,
you need two people helping shade it. I’m definitely invested
in my team. This is the important time to come together as a team. With my positive attitude,
we’ve got the edge. Team positive. – Team best. – We’re gonna make it so that
when they come together, it ties. The only thing that’s gonna
achieve that is gonna be your background.I’m looking out for
my team more than anything.
I’m their coach, and I want to
see my team do well. You could knock
it out of the park. I want to
win this goddamn thing. – All right.
Team Peck and Team Nuñez, you have seven hours to tattoo
three interlocking back pieces. The team that wins the
flash challenge will be safe from elimination this week,
and your time starts now. – All of you, line up. Stand up
straight. Move forward.– In looking for composition in
these back pieces,
not only do we want to see each
individual piece
have a nice composition,
but we want one big, overall composition
between the three. – That looks great.
– Perfect.This is a tricky test.If you work well as a team,
no one will get exposed,because your teammates
will pick up
the pieces if you mess up.However,
if the team doesn’t get along,
then the exposure and the risk
is gonna be very high. – Question with these. How do you want these
to be shaded? – The light source would be
coming from this side.– We have to make sure that we
kill these back pieces
right now, because we’re not
about to have somebody leave before the other team. – I think we’re ready to go now. – Yeah. That’s dope as [bleep]. – We’re definitely planning on
winning thisjust to set the tone
that Team Nuñez
is gonna be
first place every time.[rock music]– Doing three tattoos this size
simultaneously is nuts. – Am I supposed to be doing
black in here? – The only things that aren’t
black are the background. – We are not communicating well
at all. – When you do this, will you
leave this, like, light gray? – Okay.
Am I doing the helmets too? – Did you want me to do them?
– Oh, I don’t care. It’s up to you.– I know how to take charge
if I need to.
Someone needs to step
in and pull everybody together. Everyone, Matt is doing the
helmets, the shields, and then Nate and Ryan are doing
the wings. Hey, Boneface,
you know what would be helpful is if you kept watch. – Somehow, I end up as just the
guy who’s helping out.These guys don’t believe in me
enough to let me tattoo?
I got you.They think I’m the weakest
If we lose,
I don’t get the blame. – Try to leave, like,
a kind of a slight, harder edge on the left side instead of,
like, a complete soft there. – Well, then what
do you want me to do? – You know, like,
how the drawing is. – Nikki’s getting off the plan,
and the middle of this thing–it’s too dark.– Everything cool? – Nikki’s–she’s not following
directions. She’s just throwing
in her own style, so smoothing
the whole thing out. – Stay along the graphic lines. Careful how
over-smooth you get, ’cause they have to keep up. – What? What?
So just don’t be smooth? – Because if one comes out
different from the others, you might be on the chopping
block for it as a team.– This is why I hate
working in teams.
I cannot dumb myself down to keep up
with the rest of the team. – This is a team move, so you
guys all win together. It’s not a solo sport. – Sure. – We need our wing shaders in on
that piece, two at a time, because it’s the biggest. And time is gonna be… – Gia is really
saving us right now. – Is that black?
– That’s black. – Okay. – No one could agree, but now,
it’s smooth sailing. – Bloodline raise.
Dave, did you get that? – Ryan and Gia–they’re both,
like, witchy huntresses. Like, they see their target,
and they’re like… – Your line waves look
identical. It looks like the same person
did them. – Like, no joke.
Like… – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it. Machines down.
Time’s up. No more ink. – Looking at Team Nuñez’ design,
it seems like they took the easy way out by doing
the same imageover and over again.I mean,
they’re doing three horses. Wow. – Dude, that looks awesome. – All right, guys.
Let’s get into these critiques. The team that wins this flash
challenge will be safe from elimination
this week. Team Peck, you are up first.– Guys, your strengths in this
are definitely
how consistent they
look throughout.
The black, the
shading–it’s really cohesive.
Obviously, these tattoos can’t
fit and touchand actually interlock, but you
still have elements
that flow from one into
the next.
Pretty impressive. – It does connect. The thin, blue line–that is an
extremely thin blue line, and I think that it’s nice,
in terms of it being something that these guys know
is there, but most of all, I’m super impressed with just
how cohesive it looks. – When it comes to composition,
I want to know whySaint Michael’s
head is so far to the left.
– Having one side a little
offset was moreof a joined composition
as a scene in a whole.
That was what we were going for.– There’s so much filler
on the right.
If that was just pushed
over and lined up center,
it would’ve fit
better on the body. – Team Nuñez, you’re up next.– We came up
with the three horses.
We put each other in our strong
spots with lining, shading. – That’s a [bleep]load of
good quality tattooing, from line work to shading.There are
no beat-up areas of skin.
You guys turned out
three of the best tattoos that I’ve seen here.– As far as the composition
goes, it’s a little stagnant.
There doesn’t seem to be
something that follows
through the entire
three pieces
to make them part of a whole.You have three
profiles of horses,
all facing left.The one horse that’s
reared up the highest–
you have a huge area on his
back that you can’t
really tell what’s going on.The shapes and the muscle tone
with the negative
going through it–
it’s a lot of area
to tattoo
without a specific purpose.
– This is gonna be a tough
decision. Are you gonna be able
to be objective here? – I think it’s [bleep] up when
you come in here talking all this [bleep]. – I think we nailed the [bleep]
thing. – This game’s about to get real.


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