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Flame gets AMERICAN fanmail (she doesn’t) [Unboxing in Fursuit Video]

Hello! So… I got FAN MAIL! Actually I haven’t That’s a little bit of a porky pie. I ordered myself an alladon keyring from- And, and, and- It arrived a little while ago but I was away. I was doing ‘Spooky Season’ you see? So now, I get to open the thing! It says, it says, it says… “Keyring” and “Chocolate” I was like ‘Whoa!’ I’m really excited now! So, we should see what’s in the little package! Must be careful… Can’t do it! I did it. Oh no, I ripped it! “Chocolate” What did Kole put, in the bag. What’s that? GET OUT! (To Black) I can’t do it… PLEASE I did it-! *grin* THANK YOU! I don’t know where it went? I lost it. Das the chocolate- Munch, munch. MUNCH. So, Kole gave me some chocolate! Where’s the keyring?? Albi! ALBI!! Where did he go…? Where’s Albi gone?… Albi… THERE HE IS! He’s so cuuute… Look, it’s Albi! Albi :)! I’m a professional YouTuber… I’VE LOST ALBI !! Shiit XD I’m not a professional YouTuber… Albi, stop it. Come here…. Look, it’s Albi! So, Kole ordered some Albi Keyrings And Kole sent me one! Thank you Kole


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