FLAIM Systems® Introduction

Hi my name is James Mullins and I’m the
chief technology officer from FLAIM Systems® I’m a robotics engineer and I’ve
been a volunteer firefighter here in Victoria Australia for 24 years training
fire fighters is really challenging the ability to put trainees into realistic
car boat train aircraft and structure fires is expensive environmentally
unfriendly and really really difficult financially these daysFLAIM Systems® was developed to create technologies to solve these problems in the firefighting
space the FLAIM Trainer® is a technology that’s been developed by FLAIM Systems® that enables fire fighters to train virtually but experience reality. We can
put firefighters into dangerous difficult and challenging scenarios in a
safe and practical manner we’ve been working with the fire industry to
develop a range of training scenarios everything from aircraft accidents
through to structural fires and car fires to do this with generating
realistic smoke and fire effects even down to the foam effects that we create
for some of our fog nozzles and foam nozzles so this enables realistic
training using realistic smoke fire and water effects that we don’t see anywhere
else our patented FLAIM Trainer® system has been developed using next-generation technologies. We’re using advanced head
mounted displays to display realistic renders of fire water and smoke effects
in our training scenarios we then move down and have a mask system that can
detect the respiration rate of the firefighter the amount of air they’re using and whether they’re talking and
communicating effectively we have a breathing apparatus system that contains
all of the smarts and all of the electronics of the system we then have a
heat suit that generates the heat within the body so if you’re in a compartment
fire for example we can feel the temperature inside that room and we also
get the direct or radiant heat we also have a hose reel system so this hose
reel generates realistic force feedback so we can pull one or two people off
their feet if you’re not prepared for that sort of force we have a nozzle or
branch system that is fully adjustable so if you go from a jet to a fog in the
scenario you’ll see that this full hardware ecosystem combines to
form a realistic training environment that just is unparalleled outside of the
real firefighting hardware. We’re not trying to replace hot fire training
that’s essential for the development of our firefighters but what we’re finding
is that access to training facilities is being reduced and is becoming more and
more expensive the ability to train with the FLAIM Trainer® system in your home
location in your own station in the middle of winter enables you to train
more, trained better and train anywhere. Our dynamic team of roboticists, modelers, software developers, machinists, fabricators and engineers enables us to
develop customized training solutions for your particular need to find out how
the FLAIM Trainer® system can be used in your department please contact us at our team can help you calculate the savings and benefits
directly relevant for your department.

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