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Fixing low flame issues in gas stove

Things Needed: Needle, Spanner, cotton thread, Kerosene Keep the stove upside down after removing grille and burners unscrew the nut for the burner with low flame remove the tube from the valve and burner end after unscrewing the nut unscrew nozzle from the tube using a spanner Pass the thread through the nozzle taking the aid of needle if required Dip the nozzle and thread in kerosene making a reasonable portion of the thread wet with kerosene Move the thread back and forth making sure that the thread is tight against the inner wall of the nozzle Keep rotating the nozzle or change the side of the thread which has pressure to make sure nozzle is cleaned on the inside in all directions Put the nozzle back on tube and screw the tube back in place on the valve. Tighten both nozzle and tube nut lightly and not too much Tighten by hand initially and then slight turn with spanner(1/8th or so). Take care to not overtighten

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