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First Pregnant Firefighter 👩🏼‍🚒

my parents are still in town, my brother
is still here and also my aunt and uncle are in town for the weekend
so since kayson’s birthday is over we are going eat dim sum look at London she’s the Kami like crazy put him over put the pants over so when
that name check out case in secret handshake with yeah inspection check okay no more coli
you’re good watch the dirt off yeah come here won’t even help me the casein
will give me heartburn okay go London
oh good James got even lol surprised of yeah let’s see let’s see where they put
in the water put in the water you feel bubbles on your nose grab i
display you have a hermit crab let’s go check it out
show us are you missing them yeah I think y’all know wet okay show us how
you missed it yeah I think we got you these hammer crafts and choose you and
Jonathan and Uncle John show us how you missed them I heard that stick on for me
bo j call her let’s go check on creamy grass like guys what’s that show for so
we get going here okay when it’s time to switch shells


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