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First Look Inside New Fire Station!

Music ♪ We’re at the new Fire Station 2. The
building is going operational, we’re going live today and we’re actually moving
from our temporary quarters into the new fire station. The original fire station was a
facility that just no longer met our needs…we basically outgrew it. It was
built in the early eighties and we just needed a more modern larger facility to be
able to meet the needs of the community. It was completely demolished and rebuilt.
The new building on the same site. The building is designed to enhance or
expedite flow out of the building so the fire personnel can get on the apparatus
and quickly respond to calls, so we’ve got dorms, workspaces, workout facilities. There’s
locker rooms with shower facilities and then a day room and a kitchen. It’s a
much larger facility, the original facility was two bays and depending on
how Allen grows and the demographics change, having the three bay station it
would allow us flexibility to provide services that are needed in the future. Compared to the old facility is an
incredible enhancement. ♪ Music ♪

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