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First look at the Waco Fire Department’s new firetruck

Every year the Waco Fire Department participates
in the Homecoming Day Parade but this year they have a brand-new firetruck. Here’s a sneak peek for what you will see
at the parade. This truck is one of a kind because its logo
has a bear wearing a firefighter hat. Bergerson said the number four on the hat
represents Engine 4, which has been serving the Waco Department since 1829. A lot of our new fire apparatus were allowing
the fire companies to make like a logo identifying themselves with the neighborhoods that they
serve and it’s a logical choice being that this is on 10th and Speight, just two blocks
away from university campus. The Fire Department is so excited to be participating
in the parade and they can’t wait for you to see their new truck. We hope that people will take notice that
we have taken delivery of a new fire engine that is going to serve Baylor as well as the
surrounding area of the city. You know it’s a good looking vehicle and
we’re in the parade every year and were excited to be back. Make sure to look for the new truck on Saturday. For LTVN I’m Christina Soto

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