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Fireman The Restaurant Talks about Everyday Coupons (

The most popular food in Thailand is BBQ & Steamboat. You can cook your BBQ at the top & steamboat at the bottom. When you cook your BBQ, all the juice of the meat will flow into the soup base. This creates a very tasty soup base Besides that, we have ala-carte Thai Food. We have thai most famous desserts such as Water Chessnut, steam tapioca & mango sticky rice. Do come to Fireman The Restaurant to get the best thai desserts. Come try our fresh Australian Wahyu Beef At night only, we have a real BBQ pit outside to help you BBQ the wahyu beef, lamb chop & prawns. Our normal price inclusive service charge is RM 33, but in Everyday Coupons we are only selling RM 16 per pax. The coupons is featured in Everyday Coupons for 3 days. When the deal started, there are only 40 voucher sold. But within a short 4 hours, the number increased to 400. You can see the number continously going up until 1,000 sold within 3 days. What is more amazing is our deal closed at 12 midnight, but after the closing time there are still customer calling me. They ask me for help as Everyday Coupons deal is already ended and they wanted to buy more coupons for gathering. But it is just too bad as this deal can only be purchase through Everyday Coupons. Even if you walk in, you can’t find this amazing deal. Customer that came through the door is Youngster. They love BBQ & Steamboat buffet. Customer that Everyday Coupons bring me is the customer group that I wanted. Actually Everyday Coupons’s marketing method is very powerful. Compare with other marketing method I tried, such as flier, magazines & newspaper, Everyday Coupons is better. Why? Because we doesn’t need to pay expensive marketing fees and the returns are so much better than magazine & newspaper. Joining with Everyday Coupons is very easy. It is easier than joining with Bank Merchant’s marketing plan. And their sales person is very friendly They come to meet you in person, and explain to me the terms & conditions and then I sign a sales agreement. Before the deal is released, they will email me and update me every step of the way. So it is very simple. Doesn’t need to pay any deposit or payment. After everything is done, they will settle the rest payments to me with proper black & white. Yes, you can try this marketing method. The results is beyond my expectation and the best part is, the costing doesn’t need to be so high. Everyday Coupons marketing works

  • This is a fantastic marketing plan. This surely will bring up the Malaysia economic. Hope can be success. Cheers~

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