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Fireman Frank Fire Safety PSA – Stovetop

Hey! Check it out, okay so you know my sexy chem prof
the one with the bulging muscles and the plaid shirts well he handed back are
tested it and look what he wrote on mine. He wrote “see me”! Stace thats not- Okay so I go up
and talk to him and I said it just like this, “so you wanted to see me” it was
totally cool! So what did he say? Well, um I don’t really remember but it’s not really that important anyway because he totally was crushing on me, I’m so excited! Yeah I don’t think so. You know, I’m just going go look at my
outfits I have got to a perfect your next class. Fireman Frank! You know things tend to burn one you put
him on a hot stove, I shouldn’t have to tell you that, so let’s use some common
sense. Frst turn off the stove when you’re done, you keep things off the
burners. Ok guys so what do you think about this one I was going to go with the green but- What are you doing with my love note?

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