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Firefighters honor fallen heroes on 9/11

THIS MORNING LOCAL FIREFIGHTERS PAID TRIBUTE TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO RAN UP THE STAIRS OF THOSE TOWERS WHILE SO MANY OTHERS WERE RUNNING DOWN… AND NEVER MADE IT OUT. NEWS 13’S FERNANDA LOPEZ SHOWS YOU. BAG PIPES, AMAZING GRACE 13;09 “343 of new york’s finest gave their life that day getting people out of their buildings something that all of us here would have done” 13;18 IT’S HARD TO IMAGE WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH THEIR HEADS… 13;27 their actions that day saved thousands of lives 13;30 RISKING THEIR LIVES TO SAVE OTHERS…. 14;24 I’m sure alot of them knew that they weren’t going to go home that night 14;28 TODAY… 15 YEARS LATER — FIREFIGHTERS HONOR THOSE FALLEN HEROES WITH THEIR OWN JOURNEY UP 110 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS… A JOURNEY ANTHONY RODRIGUEZ MADE AT THE AGE 36…. HE WAS IN THE SECOND FIRE ENGINE TO ARRIVE AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER THAT MORNING… 17;03 died doing what he loved, loved serving his country 17;06 HIS OLDEST DAUGHTER LYNNETTE… JUST A TEENAGER AT THE TIME. 20;52 we went there the sights something you never get out of your head” 21;01 SHE REMEMBERS HIM AS MAN WHO LIVED TO HELP OTHERS… 17;34 we are proud that he died saving other lives and knowing that there were people out there that he pushed out of the way that could have perished as well 17:47 SO TODAY, A TRIBUTE TO THOSE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN. EVEN EVERYDAY PEOPLE GETTING A TINY GLIMPS OF WHAT IT TOOK TO CLIMBS THOSE STEPS. 23;11 we should be proud of those that went up the building as everybody else was going out and honor them 23;16 AND NEVER FORGET… BECAUSE FOR THIS MOM, WHO LOST HER FATHER 15 YEARS AGO… 19;16 I always wondered how he’d be as a grandfather and thats hard19;21 FERNANDA LOPEZ KRQE NEWS 13. THE PROCEEDS FROM TODAY’S CLIMB GO TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS OF ALBUQUERQUE.


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