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Firefighters and Life Insurance

While the makeover is in full
swing Chief Donzella is scheduled to
meet with Leann Neal from MTA life. Firefighters work in a high risk
environment so providing access to
supplemental insurance for them is a high
priority. Hey guys can you take
a break just for a minute? Hey Chief. I’d like to introduce
you to Leanne from MTA life. Most people
don’t realize that your major medical
doesn’t cover everything there’s a lot
of unexpected expenses that pop up and
that’s why there’s programs like MTA
that supplement all of that. We
really feel like it’s important for us
to connect and support the people
who shape our communities, by helping
teachers emergency services, and
government agencies. We’re able to help them maintain
their lifestyle and give them peace of
mind in the event something would
happen. I have a
wife and two lovely boys and it’s
interesting that we’re discussing this
because life insurance is a topic that
we’ve discussed recently at home and
we’re actually you know reaching out
seeing what options we have because it
is a potential risk with a career that
we have and I do want to make sure that
my family is protected if something you
know unfortunately does happen to me. So what
do your benefits do? So our
benefits help individuals and families
maintain their lifestyles if Fod forbid
an injury or an illness were to happen by
providing income protection that comes in
the form of supplemental health and life
benefits. So cancer, heart,
accidents, disability and term life
insurance. I’ve got three kids that are in
college right now I’m looking at
retiring next year so I want to make sure that
for some reason something happens to
me that I certainly that my family’s
taken care of. Most of our agents were
teachers firefighters or government
employees before joining our company so we
really understand the needs of our
customers and that’s what essentially makes
NTA a strong thread in the fabric that
supports our community.

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