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Firefighter Tools : Basic Firefighter Tools

Many firefighters inquire as to what basic
and minimum set of tools they should carry, on the fire ground. We’re going to cover the
basic set of tools that should be carried by every fire fighter. The first is a working
flashlight. In the dark and in the smoke, flashlights are a great help for not only
finding our way as firefighters, but to be located in case of disorientation or us, for
getting lost in smoke. A wooden wedge, which will serve as a door chuck, to hold open any
door that may lock behind us, or cause problems for the advancement of hose lines. A D-ring
or locking carabiner, which can be used to rescue a downed fire fighter, and can be used
in conjunction with a personal escape rope to escape from an upper floor. A good set
of side cutters or wire cutters, that can be used to cut yourself out of a disentanglement
hazard, such as wire from air conditioning duct work, drop ceilings, or anything where,
that can entrap the fire fighter. Without the wire cutters, there’s no way to disentangle
yourself, except by hand. A short piece of rope with a clip, so that, that clip can be
clipped off to a substantial anchor point, or a search rope, to help search a large area.
A personal escape rope, which is usually made of about eight or nine millimeter rope, that
can be used to escape from an upper floor window, when a ladder’s not in place. And,
a prusik knot, which can be carried and pulled quickly to rescue a downed victim, or even
a downed fire fighter. Those are the minimum, basic, seven tools that every fire fighter
should carry.

  • This is an excellent and very informative video. If I could add anything I would say a good knife. Yes he talked about using a set of wire cutters but you just cant beat a good knife as well. It can be used in many situations. He brings up cutting wires. If you are truly trapped and in fear for your life , you may not be able to have the cognitive ability to use wire cutters. Just opening them with the gloved hand can be a hard task. You may be better off just grabbing something with your hand and cutting. Just my opinion.

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