Firefighter injured in town home fire

now breaking news this morning a massive townhome fire in the Montrose area our cameras were there as firefighters battled to get those flames under control one firefighter was hurt in those efforts when part of the building fell on him people around Michigan Street and Commonwealth were awakened by the fire and all the commotion and challenges Vinson Crivelli is on the scene now with the latest Brad and Sofia good morning we know one firefighter was injured battling this blaze he is expected to be ok now take a look behind me you can see smoke is still rising as firefighters are still battling hotspots this is some really intense video the fire sparked around 12:45 this morning you can see flames ripping through this four-story building the flames over 30 feet high lighting up the sky firefighters doing everything they can to douse the blaze spraying from below and from above however the fire heavily damaged five units here take a look at this you can see firefighters found a hot spot luckily no civilians were injured authorities say the first unit to catch fire was under construction the fire became so large that ember started to fly all over the neighborhood which caught the other four units on fire when the first unit got here there was so much fire they couldn’t tell I mean just everything was on fire the units next door and surrounding it we’re and we’re having damage so they contain the fire to the main building and then there’s some exterior damage on all the buildings that are surrounded some cars that were parked on the street and it took firefighters about an hour and a half to put out most of the flames here and right now arson investigators are doing everything they can to find out how this fire sparked for now reporting in Houston Vincent Crivelli KPRC Channel 2 News

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