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Firefighter I Exercise Video #1

Hi, everyone. I’m Kristi. I’m the fitness specialist here at WCTC, and I am honored to have our Firefighter I students here! *Cheering* So, I have Lexi, “Whoo” and Zach and Ryan, Dan, Dan, and Austin with me “Whoo- Hoo” Yeah! Alright, we’re gonna get started so that we can get our bodies up and movin’ and warmed up. Alright, we’re gonna start with a big deep breath all the way in and out. As we start to do this, we can start to bend our knees just a little bit here. Nice deep breath in and out. We’re gonna get the blood flowing; our muscles warm, our body prepared for the work ahead. Our next exercise that we’re gonna be doing is a step tap. So, I’m gonna go ahead and preview that for you guys as they continue to do some deep breaths in and out. So we’re just gonna step one side to the other, and they’re gonna join me right here. Nice. We should be able to feel our heart rising right here. “Yeah.” *Chuckling.* How we doing back there, Zach? “Great.” “Whoo.” Nice. The next exercise that I’m gonna preview for you right here is we’re gonna do a cross reach above our heads. They’re gonna keep going; I’m just gonna show you what’s coming up next. Alright, guys. Nice. We’re gonna reach all the way over our head; point that toe. *Grunt* *Chuckles* “Feels good!” “Whoo-hoo!” So, Lexi here on my left is actually going to be taking a few of these exercises up a notch. So, if you want to follow along with her, you definitely can. Dan here, on my right, is gonna be taking a couple exercises down, so depending on how you’re feeling today, you can join either one of them. So, for example, we’re gonna do a squat reach right here. Lexi’s gonna take it up a notch by adding that jump. Dan over here is gonna be reaching, but not quite all the way to the ground. How we doin’, Aaron? “Good.” *Chuckles.* Next, what we have is some big arm circles. So, we’re gonna be going all the way forward. *Laughing.* Big smiles. I love it! Now let’s reverse direction here. “Reverse.” *Chuckles.* What we have coming up next is some high knees. So we’re gonna be bringing our knees all the way up to at least waist height, if not a little bit more. “Higher Lexi, come on.” “Whoo!” *Chuckling.* As you can see Lexi taking it up a notch. Let’s go ahead and move our arms a little bit, so opposite arm, opposite leg. “There you go, Lexi.” *Laughing.* So we did a lot of warming up our upper body and lower body, now we’re gonna get somewhere in the middle. So we’re gonna be doing our core next, so we’re gonna twist side- to-side. If you wanna reach your opposite hand forward, you can go ahead and add a little extra intensity here. Our health gets better with movement throughout the day, so it’s important to make sure to add some movement during our day. “Whoo.” As much as we can. Next, what we have, is some butt kicks. So, we’re gonna bring our heels all the way up. Lexi’s gonna take it up a notch right here. Hands are at our hips or we can do a little pull. So, shifting our weight side-to-side. How we doing back there, Dan? “Good!” *Chucklling.* So I gave you a little preview of what’s comin’ up next already. We’re just gonna take the legs out of the equation and bring our elbows up a little higher and do a back squeeze. So we’re bringing our elbows all the way back. We’re doing this with purposeful movement, so really bringing our elbows back to squeeze our shoulder blades. Start to feel the burn. “Yeah, I am.” *Chuckling.* “Inaudible.” *Laughing.* What we have next is inner thigh stretch. So we’re gonna shift our weigh side- to-side. Both toes facing forward. Chest up, shoulders back. As you can see, Lexi’s reaching all the way down to the ground. We can reach towards the ground if we like. Dan’s just gonna stay right here by reaching towards his knees. Next, what we have, is we’re gonna shift to the right and we’re gonna pull our left leg in. So we’re gonna get a good crunch right here. “I’m awesome.” Lexi’s gonna kick it up a notch. “C’mon, Lexi.” Arms are nice and straight. Pulling our arms down to our hip. Instead of going to the other side, we’re gonna do jacks. So let’s go ahead and face forward; add arms all the way up. So we’re gonna point our toes out to the side just a little bit. Lexi’s gonna increase… *Inaudible* “Lexi.” “Whoo!” *Laughing.* And Dan over here is just gonna tap to the side. “Get tappin’.” *Laughter.* So you might have guessed already, but we’re gonna do the other knee. So we’re gonna go ahead and face the left. Arms up and we’re gonna pull that knee all the way up. So we’re adding a little bit of a crunch right here. Still feeling good back there, guys? “Whoo! Yeah!” We’re getting a little sweat. Maybe. *Laughing.* *Inaudible.* Not quite? *Laughing.* We’re gonna pick it up a notch next with some fast feet. So we’re gonna turn and face the front and feet a little bit wide. We’re gonna pick it up, so Lexi’s really gonna go fast here. “Faster Lexi. C’mon. Run. Rargh!” Move those arms. Your arms will help you move a little faster. So we only have one more exercise; we’re gonna keep our heart rate elevated. So now is the time to really push it just a little bit more. And, like I said, we have that one more exercise, which is mountain climbers. So reaching your right arm, left knee up, and then opposite. So Lexi’s gonna start to increase speed just a little bit here. So after this, we’re gonna move on to two balance exercises. We’re gonna stand on our left leg and right leg is gonna go up in the air. We’re gonna hold it right here. Shoulders back. And let’s go ahead and point and flex our toes. Now if you wanna take it up a notch, if this is not quite as challenging, you can go ahead and close your eyes. Let’s go ahead and make some big circles here. And reverse in the direction. And let’s go ahead and switch; other foot. Start by pointing and flexing. How about something big circles. And the other direction. Can you guys try to close your eyes here? *Laughing.* And we’re gonna do a couple full body stretches. Let’s reach all the way up to the ceiling. All the way up on your tip toes. *Inaudible.* And bring those elbows back. And we’re gonna bring one arm across. Move your wrist. We’re still having fun, right guys? “Whoo! Yeah!” “Good stretch.” Open it up and switch to the other side. Let’s go ahead and move our wrist around. And we’re gonna stretch our legs a little bit, so let’s shift our weight over to the right. Both toes facing forward. Hips back. And we’re gonna switch to the other side. Let’s go ahead and bring both feet just a little bit closer. We’re gonna do a little squat right here. Bend down, lift your back up, and all the way up. Bring those shoulders back up top. And, we’re gonna take a deep breath all the way in, play the piano keys on the way down. Bend your knees and one more time. And this time shake out those wrists. Awesome. Thank you guys so much for joining us! *Clapping and cheering.* “Yeah!” *Inaudible.* “Whoo!” “Whoo!” “Yeah” *Cheering.*

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