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Firefighter FD 18 – 11 – Fatal Pulse

As opposed to the last stage, which was high-intensity firefighting… This stage is more or less a labyrinth of moving platforms. Only a few flames will be required to be extinguished here. The issue now: rescuing the survivors before they die. Fortunately, I know how to get to all of them… … so this level is a walk in the burning park. It’s not necessary to put out those juggling flames… They’ll just reappear in about 15 seconds, anyway. Please note that there are two terminals on the aerial lift… …whatever this thing is that I’m riding on. I didn’t realize that on my first playthrough and spent a long time in this level. The first lost item is on the other side of this unquenchable flame. Going too forward, I’ll fall off the ledge and die. Can I break those crates with my axe? Nope… those wooden crates are made out of steel. I could have waited for these jets to subside… But you know me… … Patience is a virtue that I am lacking. Today! Whenever you want to go out… [groaning loudly in French] Goodness griefous. :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ Finally! You know… After moving that ledge a dozen times or so… I wondered what that thing would be used for… Oh, yeah, there’s no floor in this room. Another non-OSHA-approved working environment… This whole “arson at the plant” just plays right into OSHA’s hands… Can you imagine what the QUARTERLY REPORT is gonna look like? “Abyss-related injuries are the highest since 1996” To get this next survivor, I need to use the side terminal on the … gurney… Hopefully, you know what I mean… I’m frantically searching Google trying to figure this out, btw… Anyway, if you don’t know what I mean… … I was talking about this thing. Then I press this button which moves another platform that I need to drop down onto. The dropoff point is over on this platform which looks like a dead-end. Which, on the map, now looks like it’s too far away. When it’s actually almost too close. Many deaths trying to drop onto that platform without moving it into position. The rest of the area is self-contained, though. Just mash buttons here until the way forward is set. But remember to go to the left first… This is where the other lost item is here in 4-2A. Speaking of 4-2A… This is again a stage with only two levels in it… This fire is quenchable… I can only imagine how difficult it would be to try to walk through the fire onto that small piece of platform… I needed to activate a switch that I just walked past… Elevator to nowhere. 😀 Surprise! And a good surprise at that! To make up for that easy level is, perhaps, the hardest boss in the game… Yes… everyone… it’s time… Fatal Pulse… lives up to its name… First, it’s invulnerable while it pulses. This green pulse just sets the ceiling on fire. If the ceiling fire is left unattended, ceiling juggling flames will appear! Secondly, it throws exploding drums at me… it’s difficult for me to assess where they are going to land… Well… there’s not really that much to the boss… … except putting out the fires on this platform is a great but necessary task. Then, I gotta re-extinguish the ceiling juggling flames… … otherwise I get stunned and have to replan my priorities. It takes our hero a non-zero amount of time to re-aim at the ceiling juggling flames after being hit. I would like to take this boss safely… But the hostage dies in about five minutes or so… Sometimes, the exploding drums will set my platform on fire. In which case, it’s probably curtains… … if the entire platform catches fire… … because then I’ve got to turn around and look at the floor… … then get pelted by the ceiling juggling flames which usually respawn by then. Please note that this fire does, in fact, know how to climb stairs. Realistic depictions of fire at work. (I’m sure some of you were probably in disbelief several stages ago) “Oh, THIS is the first thing that’s unrealistic about fire?” Hey, now… spinning fire tornados having a board meeting while throwing chairs is totally within the realm of possibility! The dark blue pulse indicates the boss is about to intentionally set my platform on fire. I essentially must react to it, otherwise, I die in about two seconds from the fire. I can still die from the ceiling juggling flames which are hopefully put out by then. Spiritual firefighter summon when I sense that I’m on fire but don’t have enough time to look down. Anyway… enjoy the fight. I’m rushing the boss. ^ Boss is EXORCISED ^ I’m surprised that I ONLY died to that boss twice. The first time, I had about 25 deaths to it. The second playthough on hard was about 12 deaths. Oh… I was mistaken… there is a floor… It’s a Minority Report floor which provides a lethal stopping force and is invisible.


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