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Fire Suppression Systems For Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

A very important component to a hood
package system is the fire suppression system. Now what that is, you can see
these nozzles back here, what happens if there’s a fire, these nozzle will kick on,
spray down, and put that fire out. It’s incredibly important by law, fire code –
you just have to have it. You’ve got two options you can either have that system
pre-installed at the factory when you order the package from us or you can
have it installed by a local certified company once it’s on-site installed. Keep
in mind the price is about the same either way. However, if you do buy it from the factory you are still going to need a
local certified company to come out, test it, do the connections, and actually
install the chemical and the tanks that actually put the fire out. And they have
to sign off on it just like the tag you see on a fire extinguisher. That has to
be done by a local company regardless, so just keep that in mind. If you do want to buy it from us from the factory, we will need to know exactly what’s under the
hood and where it’s going to be placed so the nozzles can be installed in the
correct position. But again, if you have any questions on that,
just give us a call and we’ll help you.

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