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Fire Station 9 Tour

TRUCK STARTS UP Fire Station 9 is one of the busiest and oldest stations in Tucson. Thanks to the passage of Proposition 101, now known as Tucson Delivers, this fire station will be rebuilt as part of the Public Safety
Improvement Plan. Tonight, the commission is here at this
fire station to look at the condition of the building, the quality of the
equipment, and the layout of the station inside. The Public Safety Tax Oversight
Commission meets monthly with a set of responsibilities…To collect revenues and
ensure they are separately accounted for and to monitor the steady progress of
the voter approved Public Safety Improvement Plan. One of the the biggest
problems, one of our concerns, is the way that the the bay is configured, when
these trucks start up inside here. All that exhaust, all that dust comes off the
trucks and covers a lot of our equipment. Plans for a new station will provide
separate rooms and compartments for vehicles, equipment, and supplies. So by having them in their their own room we don’t get that cross-contamination. It doesn’t get
on our cleaning supplies. It doesn’t get on our medical supplies. It doesn’t
affect us when we’re trying to work out. New vehicles are also part of the Public
Safety Improvement Plan. When we purchase these trucks, we don’t just purchase the
trucks, the purchase also includes all the associated equipment that goes on
them. We like to see the older trucks get pushed out and get the newer trucks
in not just because they’re new and shiny and they smell nice, it is because overall, they’re more efficient and they’re safer. Kyle Pitcock knows
first-hand how important firefighter safety is. Serving on this commission is
a personal investment for me. I have been a firefighter and emergency medical
technician for six years now. This commission in particular, allows me to
work in a different realm if you want to call it that. I wear a different hat. ALERT Station alert. This is a fire alarm on a test dispatch with Station 9. That’s what we get day in and day out.
With the new fire alerting system those tones will be much more graduated and
again, during the day, it’s fine. We don’t have any problem with it. It’s at night,
the guys come back from a call, they go in there lay down, close their eyes just
start to fall asleep and those tones go off. They’re loud. The lights come on,
hearts, heart starts thumping. They have done studies that show that, that has an
adverse effect on firefighter health. Where do the firefighters sleep? This
used to be just an open dorm, so no walls in here just beds up against. While
commissioners got an inside look at Fire Station 9, they will return to
the station after it is rebuilt. Kyle Pitcock wants voters to feel
confident that the Commission will… …assist the city and the community and
making sure that this public safety program that we have in Tucson is
improved for the safety of everybody. The individuals that work at this station
they’re here because they, they like being busy. They enjoy running a lot of
calls, but they still need that break every now and then.

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