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Fire station 51 had no fire trucks for part of the day

as you may know Channel 2 investigates has been tracking the Houston Fire Department’s fleet issues since last year we’ve seen everything from smoke coming out of a fire engine on the way to a call to an ambulance leaking carbon monoxide in making the paramedics inside sick well now new tonight a firehouse staff for part of the day with no fire trucks that left just two SUVs to transport firefighters channel 2 investigator Joel Ison bomb live at fire station 51 on Bel Air near bit Liffe Joel what’s the latest well Dominique Oh tell you what you know this is by call volume one of the busiest fire stations in the entire city yet for several hours this morning they usually have two fire trucks they had no fire trucks and no matter how you spin it that’s a problem overnight a reminder of just how dangerous the job is on 59 near fountain view a suspected drunk driver plowed into a fire engine it sent two hft firefighters to the hospital then four hours later in northwest Houston this separate wreck sent two HFD paramedics to the hospital this highlights what the Houston firefighters go through on a daily basis all four are recovering but the incidents also highlight something else HFD has virtually no safety net station 51 where that now damaged fire truck is based had no fire truck at all to respond to calls this her instead this area of southwest Houston near Bel Air and 59 was protected by firefighters in two old SUVs does that work chief here’s the thing dole there’s a lot of times at every incident we have certain critical tasks that need to happen those tests are done with people a lot of time is not because we need that unit but we need the personality that’s probably not the same take you’ll have if you need a fire truck if a fire station does not have a working fire truck or a working ladder truck it should be alarming to everybody most importantly those firefighters and paramedics tonight are recovering you might be able to make out that tonight station 51 does in fact have a fire engine inside one of those bays but they’re borrowing it from station 68 it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul because tonight station 68 is using one of those SUVs we’re live in southwest Houston I’m Joe Liza Bomb KPRC Channel 2 News all right Joel thank you


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