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FIRE SAFETY #Moral #Family General Knowledge Aayu and Pihu Show

Fire Fire Fire Hi friends !!! Did you saw, Piyush got scared after watching fire. Laughing Yes I got scared… Probably, we all get scared after looking at fire. Thats why we thought To make a fire safety video Which might be less entertaining, but full of information. Show this video to your whole family Like and share also. Now tell me Which is the most important rule of fire safety? Run away from fire, run run. No wrong Why? We must discuss a fire route, fire plan in our home. With whole family members? Yes This must have happened in your school as well. You must be shown route. In case of fire Where to go, from which route and where to gather. Same we don’t discuss at our homes Should’nt we do it? Today evening We will discuss with the whole family Fire Plan – Fire exit plan. Now ruchi tell me… If you see fire some where? Then what will you do? Me I will shout loudly Fire Fire Fire Laughing She is right Am I correct? Yes Thank you Some times he appreciates me…. Laughing Shouting Speaking loudly Fire, Save Help We should do that So that all your family members come to know about it. Your neighbours also might come to help. There might be 2 situations 1 You saw fire Which has fire flames You saw fire Second case, you saw only smoke coming out. Then what should we do, let us watch. If there is smoke inside? Then I must run Yes run, I haven’t stopped you. Yes I am running But But We should not run, we should Crawl on our knees OK Like this one Yes Like a horse but why? Because, where does the smoke go? Up side If there is smoke inside and you breathe in smoke, then what will happen? Smoke can go in our lungs Right That can even cause suffocation. So, how should we move? Like a horse, on our knees If the smoke is very low in the room Then how should we move? You tell We will lie down on our stomach and crawl. Like this Understood Try to cover your nose and mouth Correct So that we don’t inhale smoke. Correct While crawling We must remember the fire exit plan also. Why does smoke goes upside Why do you ask so many questions? My wish OK We will show you that also Look there Imagine that it is a room Smoke is coming Right Where is the smoke going? Upside In some time, this smoke will fill upwards And the air beneath Will be clean All the chemicals and smoke will stay above So, we can crawl from below the smoke Now I understood I learnt how to deal with smoke… What should we do in case of fire? If ay one get burnt from fire Then you have to wash it thoroughly with cold water But if the fire is still burning? This is very bad God forbids that this will happen to anybody At that time what should we do? Come let us watch Remove all the loose clothes very fast. Like this stall, I threw this away If it is on fire? But if all clothes are on fire then? For that we have to follow 3 steps STOP DROP ROLL means First we have to stop Drop and then we have to roll Till the time fire stops, we have to keep on rolling So that the fire extinguishes He is very fat So that the fire extinguishes If someone is rolling like this Then we can put water on him OR Blanket Correct Blankets can help to extinguish fire By this way we can help others Now I am ready to fight with the fire No Why? You are an adult Kids should not deal with fire alone. They have to run away from fire Extinguishing fire, is the job of experts. We can call on 101 and call fire brigade If an adult is trying to extinguish, then let him do it. We have to keep our selves safe from fire Run as fast as you can from fire exit gate. and We must discuss with the whole family About fire exit plan We must thank all the fire personnel / fire men. They help us on these tough situations. Whenever you see a fire brigade / engine on road. Then we must keep our vehicles on side Give way to fire brigade / engine So that they can reach at the destination on time. This way we can also help them Right For this mumma gets 100 points

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