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Fire & Rescue and Partners Distribute Winter Clothes and Books to Students

Today, we are here at Fire
Station 11 which is in the south end of Fairfax County,
we are here today to give out 3000 brand new coats to over
70 school shelters and non profits throughout Fairfax
County. One of the reasons we are today providing brand new
coats is obviously it is a couple days before Halloween,
we want the kids to have a brand new coat to go out trick
or treating in case it is chilly outside but we also
understand that a brand new coat, they have a chance to
take the tag off the coat. A lot of these kids, they think
that they have to give the coat back to us because they
have never received anything new before, so no, this builds
self esteem, it lets the kids hey I am somebody, people
believe in me. And then, we want them to be able to go to
school right? If they do not have a coat, there is a good
chance that will not go to school and there is a good
chance they will not go outside to the playground and
get in the daily exercise, things of that nature. So, a
brand new coat it just to me, provides many things to these
kids. So we have an organization that is providing
brand new books, a couple of books to these kids, we also
have an organization here that is giving out free hats,
gloves, scarves and we also have one of our favorites is
the Caring Angels Therapy Dogs, we have 10 therapy dogs
here that the kids can walk around and pet, pull on their
ears, whatever it may be and just having some fun. These
dogs are used at hospitals and retirement homes and things
like that. This is a great event, we look forward to
doing this again next year, teamwork makes the dream work.

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