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Fire Management Training and Capability | NSW National Parks

We have over 1,300 professional
firefighters in the Parks Service
and they work across
over 7 million hectares of reserves
in New South Wales.
Wherever our firefighters go,
they really do the job
and that’s because
they’re trained really well
and they perform really well.
Training’s really important
in National Parks
and the organisation
takes it really seriously.
It’s really key to how efficient
and effective we’ve become
as a fire management organisation.
Preparing firefighters
and training firefighters
is a critical aspect
of our business.
All of our firefighters are trained
in nationally based competencies,
all the way from crew members
right through
to incident controllers.
MAN: We train people
in very specific roles,
particularly in fire management
and aviation management,
which go hand in hand.
We also have very high
fitness standards for our guys.
We do an 8-week training program.
It’s critical.
If the people do not pass this,
they are not allowed
to go firefighting,
so it’s critical for their job.
There is a real science to how
we approach hazard reduction burning
and we test the conditions
on an ongoing basis
throughout the prescribed
burning season
in order to make sure
that we can conduct burns
when the conditions are just right.
You wouldn’t be able to do this job
without having fire training.
And the department takes very good
care of us in our training.
We do basic models of training
and we also do advanced models
of training
where you become crew leaders
or operation officers.
It’s challenging. It’s interesting.
Sometimes it’s a little scary.
But it’s very rewarding
at the end of the day
to be able to manage fire
so that it doesn’t impact
on the community or on our parks.

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