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Fire In Paradise | Main Trailer | Netflix

– [Newsreader] Extreme weather conditions and high fire danger are
forecasted in Bute County. Please have your emergency plan ready. (suspenseful music) – It seemed like a normal fire at first and it got bad real quick. (fire crackles) – In just a matter of 20 minutes what looked like a calm sky was orange. Our town was on fire. – [Man] That’s ash coming down not rain. – [Woman] There was just call after call. – [Woman] I can see the flames. – [Woman] It’s in my yard. – [Woman] It’s getting big by the second. – You have to get out. No-one can come to help you. – I just said I’m gonna do it. – The first corner we hit there was fire and we were stuck in traffic. – [Woman] Come on. – [Woman] We had children on that bus. We are surrounded. There was no-where else to go. – [Man] We’re not doing it on foot. – Never thought I’d see
embers and fireballs coming out of the sky. – [Woman] Oh my God. – [Man] Mass destruction. Extremely rapid fire spread
resistant to control. – I don’t think we’re gonna get out. – [Woman] Heavenly Father, please help us. – [Man] Boom. – [Woman] We’re waiting five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes. – [Woman] I don’t want to die here. – [Woman] And then it
went completely black. (graphic whooshes)

  • My friend lost his home and his dogs. I am sure this movie would give him severe PTSD. People do not think when they make these films about how entirely upsetting they are for the people who lived through these tragedies. We are 70 miles away and had to wear gas masks for days just to go outside. Our air was thick with smoke, you could not even see across the street.

  • If Netflix has any ethics, they shouldn't take a dime from this. They should donate it all to helping the victims, and make it viewable by everyone, not just their subscribers.

  • Commercialize the destruction of my hometown, aight, aight. I mean yeah get the word out, but put it behind a paywall to watch. Ok, ok. Mixed feelings on this shit. Glad the word is getting out, but hate to see people have to pay to see in-depth telling of what actually happened.

  • My best friend lost their home I live only a few hours away and our air was bad for weeks I can’t imagine being there

  • This was heartbreaking to watch. My sister and my Nephew both lost their homes in this fire. So many people were affected and so little time to leave before they were evacuated. My heart goes out to all of those who lost family, friends, rescuers and heroes God Bless each and every one of them. .

  • I live in Magalia and I have my own pictures of running from this fire that I took while trying to get off the mountain…first time since my tour in Vietnam that I was afraid I might die…

  • Got chills watching this trailer. I had a completely different experience going north on Skyway thru Stirling City, but stressful just the same. never forget that day!

  • I actually used to live in the Paradise/Magalia area before it burnt down. I remember that day so well. I thought that my brother, who was one of those kids trapped at the school, was going to die. Thank you for making this documentary and shedding light on the story, it’s one that needs to be told.

  • So many of my friends lost everything they had. Both houses I'd lived in in Magalia were destroyed. I cried for days, and I still cry whenever I see photos or news stories.

  • So this is another Hollywood gloss-over of a mass murder and cash grab by PG&E and the State through Fed relief $'s.

    Make no mistake – any loss of life or homes are always tragic. But these were not wildfires. Any fire or building expert can look at the overheads of the aftermath and tell you these homes were not just burned but pulverized, as they were in Santa Rosa, Ventura, etc. NFPA states an investigation must be done into accelerants and explosives in the event of pulverized materials. Was it followed??

  • The burn spots on the road where the cars burned on the Skyway between Clark & Wagstaff are still there…
    I was one of the lucky ones in Magalia, but the house I used to live in on Forest Lane behind Kmart shopping center burned to the ground, as did my Grandpa’s house on Grinding Rock off of Neal rd…my daughter’s former home on South Park burned to the ground. The fire was 8 streets away…I wasn’t there but my daughter saw the flames from my house. She suffers PTSD from it.

  • Hi- I'm mad at this trailer. You took my family, my own, my friends, my TOWN'S terrible TERRIBLE experience, and you turn it into a hollywood smothered trailer. I hope that it's good. I hope to god it's sensitive and not as smothered in hollywood as this trailer is.

  • There were a lot of things wrong with the little duplex that I lived in, but I was pretty happy there with my two cats. I went to a dental appointment in Chico that morning, not knowing that I'd never be able to go home again.

  • I and my family are from Paradise. We lost everything, two homes and our rental property. Even worse we lost 86 of our neighbors. Today, almost a year after the fire, thousands of people are still suffering. Because of that, I feel it's way to soon to show this documentary.

  • I remember for weeks walking out of my home and seeing ash in the air and cars covered with it. Too toxic to breathe. This is a bigger tragedy than a lot of people think

  • I live in SoCal so I wasn't personally affected but seeing the news, the clips, the aftermath made me feel so terrible for everyone suffering from this fire.

    Even know watching this video, hearing the voices filled with fear of dying in that inferno made me tear up. I'm definitely going to watch this and I'm definitely going to try and I pray that nothing like this ever happens again.

  • My mother barely survived. She still has nightmares. She lost everything, but she’s still here and I thank God for that every day.

  • This doc needs to be told! I live in Chico and I had friends who died trying to escape Paradise! Netflix thank you I will absolutely watch this Nov 1st!

  • I live far 150 miles down south west of paradise and still remember that the day all the sky cover with Red amber brown color. Ash falling from sky the street light was on in the middle of the day just like the apocalypse fallout. If you Google map paradise all you see it just burnt down empty town. So devastated.

  • Trump: climatic change is not real
    me: hah, tell that to the residents in paradise
    residents in paradise: StIlL vOtInG fOr TrUmP, REEEEE
    me: o.o

    me: okay…….call this movie a comedy in netflix.

  • Paradise is a beautiful place and with time it will be reborn from the ashes.
    “Fawkes is a phoenix, Harry. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from the ashes.”
    *My profile picture is taken right next to Honey Run Covered Bridge 4 days after it burned down, and yes I did get some captures inside the bridge as well.. the bridge was 1 of the 11 covered bridges in California

  • I cannot believe a year has almosy gone by. The haunting moment when we were on the highway and I look over and see a woman trying to stay strong for her child wrapped in blankets will stay with me for the rest of my life. I hope they're okay.

  • The town of Paradise has been in my family's life since the 70's. We lost a total of 8 houses that unforgiving day.

  • Movie makes just disaster that happened to make my town disapear into a wallet stuffer for hollywood. yeh it sucks but we dont need this exta drama let the bad memories die. Also since the little bit thats been rebuild is up ican tell it wont be good ol paradise it'll be a yuppy suburb with a bunch of stupid laws😢 r.i.p. 85+ victims pleas haunt the hell out of PG&E please they turned off the power to all the northstate for "high winds" but they where only 16mph here the politics of it wasnt fire protection it was just a cover to get back at us for sueing them and it'll happen again without reason

  • I remember driving through there and my car kept stalling due to the smoke. I remember people shooting up houses and we had one guy near Paradise end up killing three armed people trying to raid his house. Shameless attempt at making money off a disaster, and I already know you're not going to touch on the half of it. Just make it pretty and flashy, a dramatic story for your viewers. Appalling.

  • I live in Chico. Everone I knew in Paradise got burnt out, almost died getting down the ridge. This anniversary is going to be hard. Emotional. I started a charity last November called "Jewelry for Survivors" – its now on Facebook. I went to shelters, the Fema and resource center , the fairgrounds where 700 people were in trailers . I have given out over 2500 pieces of jewelry, and I have more. About 100 pieces, and I could make about 50 more.. If you or someone you know lost their jewlery in the fire, please contact me through FB. I will keep giving out jewley until it's all gone.

  • I go to Chico State, this school was so damn disorganized and didn’t even inform the students on any evac plans, if school was canceled or not. Ridiculous man

  • My house is the only one that made it on my street in paradise. I live here still, and it’s incredibly lonely. The closer it gets to Nov 8, the more I think about that day and what it was like evacuating, to thinking my house was gone, to hearing that my family was losing each of their houses, to finding out that our house made it, such a whirlwind of emotions.

  • This trailer and this short documentary is the story of every person who escaped and survived the largest and deadliest fire in California history.

    It is my story, it is all of our stories. These words speak for everyone living in Paradise when the Camp Fire broke out on November 8, 2018. We all experienced the same events, the same sensations, the same emotions. Stepping outside to an eery orange sky in the early morning hours of that windy November day; smelling the unmistakable odor of smoke, seeing ashes and embers falling around us, hearing the sound of propane tanks blowing up in the distance. The mad dash to get out, being stuck in traffic as we desperately tried to make our way to one of the four roads out of town. Every second and every minute looking worse as we quickly became enveloped in black smoke, watching morning become midnight, seeing blackness everywhere with an eery orange glow peeking through, only the taillights ahead of us visible to our eyes, then advancing only to see fire all around us as the fire quickly surrounded the town and as we made our slow escape to safety. Asking ourselves the question… "are we going to die in this vehicle?"

  • Hello! For anyone who would like to check out a film about Paradise and the Camp Fire that will be used to raise money for the town as they continue to rebuild, please search for "All Its Name Implies." I grew up in Paradise, graduated Paradise High School, and I'm the director of "All Its Name Implies." Take a look! Thank you very much for your support.

  • I live in Chico and I'm 13 my brothers and I friends evacuated but I live in South chico and I could see the fire from the back of my deck I know my house didn't burn but my friends did but it was still the scariest moment of my life

  • I lost everything… we had 5 mins to pack everything up and to think I was at school in this day. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year

  • Let all California burn!! Get rid of all the idiot left libs! If there’s any justice in the world, it will be painful death!

  • why does every every real-world event have to have a movie or documentary. 15:17 to Paris, Leaving Neverland, 12 Strong,Boston Marathon Bombing, etc. I guess the industry is lacking creative writers.

  • I lived through the tubbs fire in 2017 at Santa Rosa and luckily came out with the city unscathed, today we are dealing with the Kincade fire where the hot spots are concentrated minutes from my neighborhood.
    The world took notice but many were just glad that the home wasn't on their side of the boat.
    This series should help put into perspective what us Sonoma and Mendocino residents, as well as others , endured.

  • In the trailer, someone says "the fire was resistant to control" – are you kidding me? It was impossible to control – there was no fighting the fire that burned from Camp Creek through the town of Paradise. The entire town was burning so fast that anyone who wasn't just trying to get out of it's way and thought that they could "fight the fire" was either disillusioned and they finally tried to escape or, very unfortunately, they died.

  • I really truly feel for these people who probably felt like they were in hell(literally) but this fire was not normal..even some I know that have lived in CA for years said it wasn't natural..there was something fishy about these wildfires,and when people find out the truth of why those fires happened(especially those who lived through it) they are going to be BEYOND angry..

  • Historically, fires like the ones we see today would burn large areas (the size of entire states) and the ecosystem would repair itself after the fires naturally. We spend all this time and energy trying to stop the fires when nature is trying to health itself naturally.

  • This shows up in my feed as the fires rage near the Getty and still other places – this can’t happen again like last year . My husband doing his best out there 👨🏼‍🚒 🙏🏼

  • Paradise was going to burn. Been there a shit load of times. My buddies said one day it will be gone. Retired fire captain.

  • I live 1.5 hours north of Paradise, our power was cut off and it was shortly after that we learned why. 😭 so heartbreaking that this happened and so sad people STILL don't understand how bad it was/is. We knew people that lost their homes and know people that didn't. We offered our property for a few to stay, we did what we could in that time. Some kids came to my daughters school cause I think (don't quote me) the elementary school burned down. And they struggle every single day. I wish people wouldn't be mean. Prayers for everyone!

  • What I have noticed when listening to stories of the survivors from YouTube videos is that almost everyone who survived were instrumental in helping someone else first.
    Do to others what you would want them do to you. The golden rule from our Creator is powerful.

  • I watched it last night, completely riveting.
    I don't think I ever wanna live near a big body of water, or out in the woods.

  • For a 40 min documentary this is utterly heart breaking and sobering I can't believe there is footage of the remains of people nothing left but dust and barely a skeleton.

  • We did see this documentary. There is so much more to this than what was told and shown. We lived it. Also, the part where the people are stuck in the parking lot of the Optimo. Our home was right next to where the propane tanks were exploding. I know this was all on cell phones the people filming their day running from the fire. Don't get me wrong we were also running from the fire. But there is so much more to this fire than just that small part of Paradise that was affected. all of paradise. Magalia more than half was lost. A lot more towns burned as well on the ridge Wait to see what Ron Howard does with his movie. I think this will tell the whole story,

  • Politicians that take kickbacks from PG&E to ignore our aging electrical grid, or listening to the commie hippies that saw we can't clear dangerous brush.
    The richest state in the union reduced to high crime rates, homelessness, drugs, failing infrastructure, horrible roads…etc, by DEMOCRATS!! Time to stop this nonsense!

  • I remember going to my car in Carmichael that day. Dark sky’s chocked the air in Sacramento and I remember wiping the ashes off my car. I stared at my ash covered index finger understanding that I was holding the incinerated remains of people and homes. My faith has been rattled since.
    ….Burn in hell PG&E

  • It's really hard to watch this film. I lived here 2005-2012 but i still consider this my home. The place where I happily lived in. When I heard about the news, I was in utter shock. I know so many friends who lost their homes that day.

  • What they seem to forget is, it also took out the town of Concow, part of Pulga where the fire started and 80% of Magalia. No one called or came for us. We were on our own. We were failed in so many ways. The Emergency Advisory Radio Station failed us as well.

  • 89 Assholes gave this a Thumb's Down?????? WTF is wrong with you??? I'm on the EAst Coast now and Can't Imagine what these people went through. Horrible.

  • paradise?
    thats the most laughable thing Ive ever heard.

    the California fires are a prime example of liberals not learning from their mistakes and what happens when you pour your funding into other people rather than cleaning up your own house.

  • Im so sorry for everyone who was apart of this and effected by it. I live about an hour away and remember the smoke hovering all the way from here. I still pray for all of you, as I can only imagine the trauma and pain you have experienced. Thank you to those in the documentary who shared their stories. My friend was a 2nd grade teacher at Paradise elementary and I just have to say you all are so brave.

  • Fire fighters say they never seen a fire move so fast. if you dump aluminum particle oxides the same chemicals used in chemtrails and nasa rockets boosters for years and years what did they think… A conspiracy you say? The pentagon call the program "INDIGO SKYFOLD"

  • This was one scary documentary. And for those political people who criticized the recent Sonoma County evacuations for the Kincade fire and PG&E shutoffs–view this and be grateful there was time to leave and make a plan.

  • Libtard environmentalists are making these fires worse.California is a shit hole thanks to Its Far left moronic stances.Sleep in the bed you made.If the whole state burned to the ground the country would be better off.

  • This was horrific to watch, my heart goes out to all involved. We have had to evacuate in 2003 and 2007 for our local fires. But this, is unlike thing I have ever seen. PGE Executives, and all shareholders as well as our idiots in the government need to be forced to watch this. And, now a year later the PGE Board members are whining about getting their million dollar bonuses. They should be tried for arson and murder. My condolences to everyone who’s lives have changed forever.

  • Really wish the documentary discussed the reality of environmentalist wackos being partially to blame, not just climate issue!!! 40yr resident of Trinity county so I know!! No logging no management. Yes it is not state lands, BUT state regulations affected all lands!! Do I you think Fed vehicles don’t have use CA gas or honor CA speed limits!!

  • I just watched this documentary on Netflix. It is riveting and horrifying and hand-over-your-mouth mortifying. Share the word so that many people will see this.

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