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Fire Fighting Pacific – quick responsive service | By Greentree Software

I’m Charlie Loughnan, the Corporate
Services Manager for Fire Fighting Pacific We operate in a diverse part of our
business. We have people who are on construction
sites installing new systems, we have routine inspections for
systems that have been installed and we have reactive and reparative work going on for systems that are broken
down. When a fire system it shut down, part of the system or
maybe the whole system is not working, so for the building to remain occupied
and to remain under its requirements for insurance cover we have to be there as soon as possible
and get the system back online in the shortest possible timeframe. The fire industry is a difficult industry –
we have a lot of key pressures that sit on top of us. We have a lot of very small jobs and we have a
lot a of very large jobs – jobs from a few dollars to a few million.
We have a very competitive environment, we work across a number of trades and we
compete against a number of competitors both small and large. It’s
important for us to be able to have the information to work amongst that system
available to us. We have to have a robust system that looks after our customers’ information,
that controls the jobs we do for them, the tasks we
undertake, routine tasks and also responsive and reparative tasks. Greentree
really provides us a central hub that combines job costing, accountancy systems, asset management, scheduled
maintenance and more importantly mobility in the field for our tasks to be raised, to be completed,
recorded accurately and put together. Anybody who accesses the system at any point can understand
the specific requirements of our customer and the specific requirements of the site that we’re going to be working on. Our technician on the road can be
responded directly as we get signals at the same time the New Zealand Fire Service gets signals.
We’ll respond to an alarm activation or to a fault on a system 24/7. The technician at site can load a job by using a barcode that we’ve placed in each building. That allows them to use their EDA
device to raise a job, have all the correct
customer information brought to them immediately through the
Greentree system and they can then be aware of any alerts or special
requirements on the site, they put the information into
the job, they put parts and time to the job, they close the job out and it’s ready for
invoicing at Greentree. When someone arrives on Monday morning
the job is all done for them. An ordinary Tuesday lunchtime – these earth roars louder – more violently than before. So immediately after the February 2011 earthquakes the city
was in chaos. A lot of the film footage you see
has the sound of fire alarms operating in the
background. Fire alarm systems were activated, sprinkler systems had burst, systems were offline and
needed to be restored pretty quickly. We had a lot of jobs to do, we had a lot of
people out running around, so it was very important for us to be
able to track those jobs as they’re out there, to finish them quickly and to get them
cleared out of our system quickly. Earthquakes don’t give us notice, so we had to be
ready at all times and we had to be able to have staff down
tools, respond them and put them on a new task immediately
that event happened. During the earthquakes we had a lot of the
buildings that we maintain, all of the buildings that we routinely
inspect, probably about 20 to 25% of them were lost through damage or destruction. A lot of our customers then
had to move, had gone to a new buildings, to new
locations, have taken in some cases their assets with them, so
we’ve been up to track from Greentree the asset management from the customer to a new site to a new
location, we’ve in some cases passed the location on to a
new customer and it’s been a very fluid process. Having
Greentree able to link customers very quickly through a
single process has been very very important for us. So Greentree really offers us
visibility across all of the jobs that we undertake – large
and small. It gives us a key information flow on not only the costs and the invoicing on jobs but also
the very important customer records that
we keep on the information we gather on sites and the information we are required to
provide to our customers. Having the flow-through all within one system in one database allows us to see much clearer exactly everything that’s
going on. If we make a tweak on one side it mirrors across all
of the parts of the jigsaw puzzle. That’s very very
important to us. We would estimate that the flow-through
of information has probably increased two or three hundred percent and it’s a much more efficient model for
us. Insurance providers are very keen to ensure that systems are
maintained correctly, they’re maintained operationally at all times
and responded to when they have to be. We have had accolades from the insurance industry, we are preferred
suppliers for a number of large insurers and at a recent fire industry meeting we
were held up in front all of the fire contractors as the only contractor in New Zealand
under a recent audit that had been able to provide all of
the information requested of us at one time and respond accordingly in
the timeframe provided. Nobody else could have done that and
Greentree was central to that for us.

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