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Fire Extinguisher Installation and Commissioning Explained

Hello and welcome to the Fire and Safety Centre. In this video we are going to share the basics of installation and commissioning. What is the RRO and BS5306 Part 3 2009? When installing or commissioning a fire extinguisher you must adhere to the Regulatory Reform, Fire Safety, Order 2005, or the RRO. Which states that any equipment such as fire extinguishers “Should be subject to a suitable system of maintenance and be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”. Though not legal requirements the British Standard 5306 part 3 2009 is a set of recommendations and best practices for the commissioning, installation, service and maintenance of fire extinguishers. So the best way to meet the standard of the RRO is to follow the BS5306 part 3 2009. Can you buy extinguishers already pre-commissioned? No! Extinguishers should be commissioned on site. If an extinguisher is delivered by a courier it may get damaged, discharged, or have lost pressure en-route, and may no longer meet the standard for commissioning. Can I commission the extinguisher myself? Ideally, the extinguisher should be commissioned by a competent person or a person qualified to a recognised standard, for example: BAFE. What does Commissioning involve? Unpacking the extinguisher and visibly checking for any damage. Fully withdraw the safety pin, refit, and fit with a new anti-tamper device. If fitted, gauge test the pressure gauge, and re-seal, checking for the correct readings. Check the discharge nozzle is free from obstructions, and fully tighten. Weight check the extinguisher Install a commissioning label, and complete with the required information. Sometimes installation will be provided, where the engineer will also install the extinguisher in accordance with the British Standard. Will I get a Certificate? Once the extinguishers have been commissioned a certificate will be issued for you to display. Thanks for watching, Fire and Safety Centre, keeping you safe.

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