Ferrari FXX-K Evo, 599XX Evo & FXX – Screaming V12 Engines, Backfires, Brutal Downshift & Hot Brakes

What you see is the exclusive event organised by Ferrari at the Imola racetrack which takes the name of Corse Clienti/XX Programme. On these occasions, we can admire the exclusive hypercars purely designed for private track sessions. A good number of FXX-K Evo, 599 XX Evo, and the glorious FXX took the track unleashing the scream of their V12 engines. The last born, the FXX-K Evo, is impressive, the total power is about 1.050 hp of which 860 hp coming from the internal 6.2-Litre V12 combustion engine and the remaining 190 bhp is provided by the electric motor. All FXX-K model uses the KERS, kinetic recovery energy. In the FXX-K/FXX-K EVO hypercars, both propulsion units, together, generate a 900 NM of torque. This is an incredible value if you consider that the FXX-K is 90 kg lighter than the LaFerrari. The Ferrari FXXK uses a 7-speed clutch gearbox, double-wishbone at the front and multilink suspension a the rear, active aerodynamics with a load of 540kg at 200km/h, all moved by Pirelli slick tires with sensors which allow the monitoring of the longitudinal, lateral and radial movements as well as the temperature and pressure. Enjoy the screaming v12 engines, brutal downshifts, unbelievable accelerations, spectacular glowing brakes, backfires, and the top speed of each XX series!

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