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Farage under fire: Brexit Party divided over plan for party to fight every seat – News 247

 Mr Farage has told that he has two weeks to drop his withdrawal agreement with the EU or he would stand Brexit Party candidates against the Tories According to the Financial Times, one senior Tory MP said of Farage: “Everything I’ve observed shows he has fundamentally rejected us “He hates the Conservative party and there is nothing — no deal, no type of Brexit — that will count as proper Brexit in his eyes ”  Some Brexit Party member disagree with Mr Farage’s decision for MPs to stand. John Longworth, a Brexit Party MEP, said only 20 to 30 candidates should run in the December election  According to the Financial Times, one MEP said: “I don’t understand what Nigel is up to  “Just look at social media: so many of our supporters back Boris and back the deal   “Yet he’s creating havoc and could upend the whole thing.” Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly has said: “A vote for Farage risks letting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street via the back door”  If the Brexit Party has candidates in the election on December 12, they are likely to split the leave vote  Mr Farage has warned that his party “posed a very major problem” for .  Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has said Boris is a “silly man” for snubbing a Leave alliance with her party  Brexit Party MEP Jake Pugh was on Newsnight last night to voice his anger at the PM’s EU withdrawal deal, complaining that “it’s not Brexit”, US president Donald Trump has also called on Mr Johnson to join forced with Mr Farage    How Conservative Party manifesto ‘barely mentioned’ Irish border issueAnn Widdecombe furiously attacks for brokenBrexit pledgeNigel Farage drops shocking truth about upcoming general election    Mr Johnson has said: “The advantage of our deal is it’s oven-ready, it’s there to go, you put it in, come back in the middle of December, and we get it done and Brexit is over the line”  Now the difficulty about doing deals with any other party is that any other party, I’m afraid, simply risks putting Jeremy Corbyn into No 10 ” The Brexit Party has vetted 600 candidates for a general election and is it presumed the party will have candidates standing in all 650 seats  Mr Farage wrote on Twitter: “If will abandon a clean break Brexit, and he wins an election on this, we will never be free of EU rules ”


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