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Episode 4 – Sandblasting and Epoxy coats for Fire Station Showers, Part 1

here we go hi and welcome to the coating
life my name is Anders in today’s episode we’re gonna take you to the Fort
Erie fire hall oh yeah the big red trucks, and who doesn’t like fire trucks where we are sandblasting and
recoating with epoxy a few showers I we’ll see how it goes hey we’re
professional painters not film makers so we’re on the road to meet up with the
sandblaster max from blast force we’re gonna inspect the showers before we get
started they have trains at the train station
and even one of the Canadian fighter planes on the ground this building is five years old and the
epoxy is cracking in the showers we’re gonna blast it strip it and then we’re
gonna recoat it so Max and his crew has just set up and got started with the
blasting let’s see how it goes so this epoxy is super thick even thicker than
we were expecting it’s not wanting to come off so the blasters are done and
I’m on my way to pick up the epoxy for the job so the product we’re using is
this Amerlock 2 from PPG it is a phenomenal product
I got epoxy all over me now this product is rated for secondary containment I got
to get rid of that’s not dry because it’s not mixed with the cure so the
thinner that you want to use a reducer would be this t65 thinner the main
component is xylene oh yeah The boys got at it earlier this morning
spraying out first coat of epoxy so it’s already done the guys got it nicely set
up here with a nice walkway from the outside door you don’t get any epoxy on
the floor amerlock 2 baby that’s the stuff from PPG let’s check out first
coat of epoxy here on the block walls this was the bad spot where it was
peeling the blasters went to town and that ain’t never coming off we just want to
have it said that we are not sponsored by PPG or gracol or any other product or
equipment manufacturer that we might feature on this channel we choose and
use what best suit in the situation that we’re in so I’m on my way to the showers
in Fort Erie we ran into some serious problems there and I got to check on the
progress, that is deep this is a frickin disaster this is a frickin disaster so
the coating that was on the block walls was so thick and we weren’t able to
penetrate with a blast without dialing up the pressure I called up my good
friend yovan from national accounts of PPG
we’ve come up with a solution thanks for watching today’s episode we hope you
enjoyed it if you like this type of content and you would like to see more
please feel free to subscribe throw a thumbs up or maybe leave a
comment or don’t we appreciate you anyways and until next time see ya for
more information go to why can’t I say it on camera

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