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ENG SUB《走进你的记忆 Walk into Your Memory》EP18——主演:宋妍霏,赵志伟,钟祺

♪ Love ♪ ♪ right now ♪ ♪ Memory life ♪ ♪ Because of you change as scheduled ♪ ♪ Memory ♪ ♪ once opened ♪ ♪ it wanders ♪ ♪ at ♪ ♪ the original that hasn’t
been seen for a long time ♪ ♪ Don’t cover ♪ ♪ Don’t have to change ♪ ♪ You will understand ♪ ♪ Just have to keep
out of the affair now ♪ ♪ Like the competition ♪ ♪ There is no waiting ♪ ♪ Let it go when it’s time to let go ♪ ♪ Love with full force ♪ ♪ light and easy ♪ ♪ unrestrained defeats anxiousness ♪ ♪ with delicious food in living ♪ ♪ should be glad and happy ♪ ♪ Up and down
left to right ♪ ♪ front and back are
controlled by love ♪ ♪ Happiness ♪ ♪ at speed of 100 miles ♪ ♪ just like the God ♪ ♪ Up and down
left to right ♪ ♪ front and back are
controlled by love ♪ ♪ Happiness ♪ ♪ at speed of 100 miles ♪ ♪ just like the God ♪ [Walk into Your Memory] [Episode 18] -Hao Qian.
-Good morning. -Take it slowly.
-Good morning. Are you… You are not having your breakfast? I prepared breakfast for her. We have to go now. They look so much more like
a match made in heaven now. Sister Li? A blind date for An Ning? It’s okay, thank you. Haven’t you heard?
An Ning is planning her wedding. Yes, thank you for your concern. Yes, he owns a hotel. Eat slowly, don’t choke yourself. Somehow I’ve been having
a great appetite lately. What if I become a fatso? I will like you no matter how you look. As long as you are healthy and happy, I’ll be happy. I noticed that you… are getting better at flattery nowadays. All thanks to your teachings. How could you say that to me? -What was that?
-Stay in the car. I’ll take a look. It hurts! I was hit by the car! Sir, are you all right? You can’t get away! Are you hurt?
Let me send you to a hospital. Every part of my body hurts! My head hurts every time I speak! -That hurts!
-Let me call the ambulance. You can’t go! You hit me, you can’t go! Is there no justice left in this world? -Sir, please stop that.
-He hit me with a car! -Sir, please let go of me.
-The scammer is trying to rip me off? You can’t run! Let me know where the injuries are. You can’t go! He hit me and tries to get away with it! Honey, my belly hurts!
What should I do now? What do I do now? My belly hurts! Come over here! -What do we do now?
-Watch your steps. Sir, are you hurt? My belly hurts so much when I talk! You must have startled me just now. What do we do now, sir? Honey, hang in there. Honey, call the ambulance now. Call the police and bring in
the fire brigade as well! Bring them all here! Sure, I am calling the police. Don’t call the police! I am fine now, I am all right! He was all right the whole time? He is just another scammer. That was impressive. Thank you for being my dance partner. Mr. Ling, don’t say that. I should be thanking you. You invited me to a ball
of this grandeur. It’s my honour to have a beauty
as my dance partner. Are you ready? -Mr. Ling.
-Hello. -Thank you.
-The people attending this ball… are people that have
business dealings with me. This may be a business reception,
but make yourself at home. Mr. Ling, it’s been a long time. Chairman Liu, it’s nice to see you. Mr. Ling, this lady here is gorgeous. Thank you. Mr. Ling, I heard you have acquired
the land in the south. That was an impressive feat. You flatter me. Right, about the proposal you sent over, I went through it. Let’s have a game of golf
when I free up some time. We can discuss that matter in detail. Sure. I will be ready at anytime. I am sorry for being late. Mr. Ling? Sister Meng Lu? Your know each other? We have met twice. Sister Meng Lu, you are not in a relationship
with Mr. Ling? Of course not. He bought me lunch once. To return the favour, I accepted his invitation. I am glad to hear that. What is it? No, it’s nothing. Meng Lu. I was looking for you. Enjoy your time here.
I should get going. Very well. How do you feel? Do you like it? Not bad. But it’s very different from
the life I used to have. I am still not used to it. It’s okay.
You will get used to it. Come on, let me introduce you
to my friends. Hello, Mr. Long. Do you need anything? Hello, can you show us
the new arrivals? Let her try them out. Sure, a moment please. Just send me home to get changed. Why did you bring me here? This is awkward. Mr. Long, the clothes are ready. The lady may try them out now. Try them out. Very well, this way. Pack the clothes my wife is wearing. Yes. After spending some time with me, your fashion sense is getting better. So, who says I am your wife? What? You put on the ring. -Are you backing out now?
-It’s hard to say. I might turn around and leave
if you ever mistreat me. I’ll leave you in the dust. Don’t worry, that day will never come. I will be nice to you my whole life. People are watching us. Bill, please. Hey… Who is it? What is… Did you have your dinner? Are you hungry?
Do you need anything? I am having lunch with An Ning later. Why are you so angry?
Did someone upset you? Tell me, did you even think about marrying me? Lulu. we’ve argued so many times
because of this. Why won’t you understand? Why won’t you understand my concerns? In order to save me, you would even risk your life. Why won’t you marry me? Is our marriage even more
terrifying than risking your life? Or is it you want to get married, but not with me? No. You have no experience in marriage. You don’t get it. Marriage and relationship are
different in so many ways. We will be living together after
we get married. It won’t be about passion and love. It will be about paying bills, it will be about expanses. We might even have a fight
about who is buying the breakfast, shopping for groceries
or doing the laundry. It would be tiresome. Does it mean you have no bills
to pay if you don’t marry me? Does it mean you don’t have to
shop for groceries and do laundry? Other than these, you have a duty. There will be a lot of pressure
for both of us. We are having a good time, aren’t we? A marriage is only a ceremony. It costs a fortune. All you get is a certificate. Why do you care so much about those? Fine. Very well. Why would I care about these? You are right. It’s a waste of time
to use marriage as a reason… to shackle a man who doesn’t love me. I will never forget… the time you saved my life. I have been so frustrated. But it made me realize something. What is it? Lulu? Lulu? You can never awaken someone
pretending to be asleep. It’s impossible for me to make
a man that doesn’t love me… to marry me willingly. I have been making demands
on you all this time. I put you in a tough position. I apologize for that. Lulu. It’s not as serious as you think. Say no more. I thought it through. Thank you for taking care of me
all this while. From now on, we should only be
colleagues and neighbours. I don’t want to waste
my time on a relationship… with a man who doesn’t love me. I simply want a grand wedding, I want a peaceful marriage. I want to be like other women, to have a husband that loves me, and beautiful kids. I yearn to be worried about
trivial household matters. That is the true meaning of life for me. Stop crying. Calm down, have a seat. -Listen to me.
-Don’t bother. Let’s put an end to this peacefully. We are both adults. I won’t hold onto the past we had. Don’t be bothered by that either. At work, I will treat you like I did before. Do not feel uncomfortable. If there is nothing else, I should get going. I’ve been wanting to buy you lunch. But I was too busy. Thank you for the help
on New Year’s Eve. You helped us out
quite a while in the main hall. I may not have any training, but I played a waitress before. Did I do well that day? Great. When are you and my master
getting married? We… broke up peacefully. Why? He never wanted to marry me. I am tired of forcing him. Enough about us. Have you fixed a date for the weddings? This makes my head spin. What’s the matter? Yi Ming Jun has been asking me
to meet his father. But… I am still a little afraid. Don’t worry about it. Well, even a troublesome person like
Hao Qian’s mother can be dealt with, muster your courage and go for it. Dig in. Min Er? I am free, what’s the matter? The club? Hold on. How about going to the
cosplay club tonight? Sure. Okay. Okay, we’ll meet you tonight. I made up my mind.
Whether Xia Tian agrees or not, I am taking her to meet my father. This must be done now. All the best. I am talking to you. Maybe we can have
the wedding together. My father might not
approve my marriage. I’ll tell him I am
going to your wedding, you can cover me. While we are at it, I can have
a wedding with Xia Tian, right? Don’t even bother trying. What does that mean? Can’t you see? A wedding is the best way
to reflect a man’s quality. If I have a wedding with you, it might leave you traumatized. The longer you are in a relationship
with An Ning, the bigger your ego grows. Forget it, I don’t care if you want
to have a combined wedding. Sorry, the number you have dialled
is not being answered. Hello? Head-chef? Hello, Mr. Long. Do you know An Ning is
having lunch with Meng Lu? I know, Xia Tian is with them too. Well, I need to talk to Meng Lu, but I couldn’t reach her. Don’t worry about it. An Ning is there with them. An Ning knows better
than to cross any lines. Don’t worry,
I will give An Ning a call… and let her tell Ms. Ma
to call you back. Sure. Have An Ning pass a
message to Meng Lu for me. Tell her to call me. So, An Ning didn’t answer your call? Yes. Hao Qian! Don’t worry. An Ning wouldn’t dare
to reject my calls. -Okay, that’s all.
-Okay. -Hao Qian.
-What is it? I was talking to the Head-chef
about something important. Does this look like
my beloved Xia Tian… and your girlfriend who
never crosses any lines? Mr. Ling, there is a phone call
from the club. Several special guests has arrived. What special guests? It’s Long Hao Qian’s fiancee. She is with Ms. Ma whom
you had lunch with. You ordered us to take
good care of them. Very well, get the car ready. Are we headed to the club? Are you sure this is the place? Positive. This is the most ridiculous
thing I have ever done. I have to wear this? It’s always been me
that is the playboy, I never thought I would be toyed
around by the lady. So this is why she had
fought with me… and said all those weird things. Something is at miss. Gentlemen. I have no tolerance for indecency. If I see something I shouldn’t later, do not try to stop me. Women are like children, they play tantrum just
after three days of boredom. That saying is wise indeed. Are you ready? It’s your turn. What now? Why are you here too? Are you surprised? Not bad. I am here just to give you a surprise. What? That looks pretty. Right, it matches well. Back off. What is this? You are so childish. My dear princess, your Prince Charming is here
to keep you safe from evil. An Ning. An Ning. I am wearing this… Mr. Ling, why are you here? I was informed of your presence, I must see it for myself. So, are you having fun here? Not bad. I welcome you here at all time. You and your friends’ expanses
will be free of charge. So, you own this club? I shall respect that offer. -Thank you.
-That is too formal. I need to have a word with Ms. Ma. With me? I have been waiting for your phone call. But you never called. So I came by for you. Mr. Ling, is there anything you need? What is this? I know you like this wine. So I have my contact bring
two bottles from abroad. Mr. Ling, this isn’t necessary. If you don’t mind,
we can have a drink together. I do mind. I know, it’s a little inadequate just after… a few meetings with you. But I prefer being efficient. I don’t like taking matter
at a slow pace. Ms. Ma. Do you have a boyfriend? No. What do you think about me? What are you… trying to say? I mean, what do you think
if I become your boyfriend… or even husband? Mr. Ling. Could this be a joke somehow? I never tell jokes. You may have your time to consider. But don’t let me wait for too long. I will be in France
two weeks from now. I hope you would come with me. Wait. Are you sure it’s not someone else? Are you certain about this? Of course. But why me? We have only met for a few times. You don’t know me well,
I barely know you either. Wait, I mean to say that… with your qualities, you can find a better, more outstanding lady. But when I am with you… I feel free from the pressure. I enjoyed the time
you told me the story. That is a feeling I have never
got from other women. Is that acceptable for a reason? Master. Serve the dish. Sister An Ning. Come with me. Hold on. What’s wrong? Sister An Ning, Mr. Long wants you to get changed
and meet him at front entrance. He needs to see you. Now? Okay, thank you for telling me. I am still at work,
why do you ask for me? I… am taking you to a place. Where are we going? What is its name? Cucumber. Here is a treat. It dropped. Why did you bring me here
for a horse ride? I’ve been thinking about
taking you here. But something always comes up. It came to my mind today,
so I decided to make it happen. I don’t want to miss the chance again. What’s the matter with Ms. Ma? She has been absent-minded
since this morning. You are right. Maybe she
had a fight with Head-chef. When did they start seeing each other? It’s been a while. Everyone can tell, except you. They make a great match
for each other. I think… Ms. Ma has a good look, a good figure, she is very capable too. She can surely get herself a rich guy. I can relate to her worries
about getting married. It’s not easy for a woman to
work alone out here. Why can’t you wait
until we get off work? I have works to do. About Ling Ze Yu seeing me… That is your business. It has nothing to do with me. Fine. Why did you come to me at the club? I have some free time. I was trying to have fun. What are you trying to say? What am I trying to say? I am want to know what
you are trying say. Just tell me if you want
to break up with me. Don’t push all the
responsibilities onto me… and blame me for not
wanting to get married. But the truth is, you found yourself a rich guy. Isn’t that right? What did you say? You said so yourself. You wanted to be in love
with a wealthy bachelor. Isn’t this good? You met the right person. Indeed. I brought you here to let you know… I met someone who is
willing to marry me. Your worries won’t
be necessary any more. Fine. You have my blessings. Also, if it’s not about something important, don’t ever come to me again. I won’t. My favourite butter puff has… the caloric content of 4. 544 kcal. That is around a
kilogram of weight gain. I need to a 9-hour bike ride
to shake off the calories. I am about to put on a wedding dress,
I can’t possibly have this. An Ning! What are the odds? Jin Feng? I invited Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao
to have coffee here. Come, join us. People meet under all
kinds of circumstances, -This way.
-what’s the odd of running into her? An Ning. We haven’t met in years. How have you been? Not bad. I remember the time when you
used to go on blind dates. The staffs at the marriage agency
know her very well. An Ning, are you… still going on blind dates? An Ning? You are married? Soon enough. Is this ring a fake? It looks so real. You have a keen eye. If I had known sooner, I would have let my husband
buy me a fake as well. Even the fake looks so real nowadays. My husband had this ring custom made
for me abroad. After wearing it for so long, it’s not that amazing. The shop on Jianguo Street? In order to try out
the wedding dresses, An Ning has been on a diet. I plan to buy her some desserts. That’s all. Hello, sir.
How may I help you? This, and this, and this. Pack them up for me. Very well. A moment, please. An Ning. What does your boyfriend do
for a living? Excuse me. I’ll be right back. Sure. You should introduce us
when he has the time. -He is my colleague.
-Is he a chef as well? Yes, he owns a small restaurant. A small restaurant? That is nice. So, does that make you
the small lady boss? Where is the restaurant? We can have a meal there
to show our support. Right. Sure. Right, you mentioned earlier… your husband’s company is looking
for a place for dinner gathering. Maybe we can have it over
at An Ning’s restaurant. How could you say that? My husband is still a manager. He can’t possibly treat his staffs
at those small places. An Ning. I hope you are not offended.
That is not what I meant. As you know, my husband… is working in his father’s company. It’s not a massive firm, but soon in the future, they might make the company public. So, there are many aspects… that must be taken into consideration. Indeed. He told me earlier
he went to a place… called the Long Teng Hotel
and had a meal. Then, he will be in Lan Kwai Fong
to relax for the night. Lan Kwai Fong? The expanses for a night there… could cost thousands of yuan. Your husband is so generous. I heard Lan Kwai Fong is for
the higher social class. Only the rich and powerful
can afford to go there. That is where the actresses hunt
for rich husbands. That is true. My father-in-law knows the manager. So, they get to have a discount. Right, An Ning. Does that restaurant
of yours have a name? We could go there sometimes. It’s Long Teng Hotel,
you are welcome to be there. Honey, I apologize. I am late. Hello. I am An Ning’s boyfriend. I am Long Hao Qian. Long Hao Qian? Long Hao Qian? Yes, that’s me. Friends of my girlfriend are
friends of mine, I am sorry for overhearing
your conversation just now. I heard your husband is
going to Lan Kwai Fong tonight. Coincidentally, that is a subsidiary
of Long Teng Group. With this name card,
all expanses are free of charge. I will give the manager a call. Are you done here? Come, let’s go home. He really is Long Hao Qian. Are you mad at me? Why didn’t you tell them the truth? Is it so embarrassing
that I am your boyfriend? No, I simply don’t think
they are worth the time. Even if I told them,
they will think I am bluffing. There is no need to
fight over that. An Ning. Ever since the first
day you accepted me, you should accept all of me. That includes who I am,
my status and wealth. But in this relationship, you have been trying to
avoid these matters. At first, you wouldn’t
tell your family about me. And now you won’t tell
your friends about me. No, that is not what I mean. I think it doesn’t matter
as long as we are together. You may not care about it, but I do. An Ning. I always ask for the best. That includes the woman
I want to spend my life with. I will proudly tell the whole world… you are my wife. I hope you will do the same for me. I… This is an order, not a negotiation. If I couldn’t stand by you righteously, that means I don’t
hold a place in your heart. -Long Hao Qian.
-I will be in Hong Kong for business. When I am back, I look forward to an answer from you. Come on. Let’s go home. He is right. What am I trying to avoid? Horse-riding? You mentioned it was about
something important. I took a leave to come here. What are you looking at? I am looking at the lady
I am trying to woo… and how beautiful she is. You are always so honest. Cut it out. I think the most pressing matter
right now… is to know each other better. Mr. Ling? I think you can start by
how you address me. Perhaps you can
address me by my name. Ze Yu. I didn’t catch that. Ze Yu. Not bad. Come, let me show you my horse. Hurry up! I am a little scared. It’s okay, just take it easy. Let me do it. What’s wrong with
the Head-chef lately? He’s been having a long face
and bad temper. I know. Ms. Ma took a leave this morning. Someone saw a limo… pick her up and went away. For real? Of course, everyone knows. People are saying… Ms. Ma finally got
herself a rich boyfriend. You mean… Head-chef has been… ditched? Look. My boss here… may be dashing and capable, but he is a long way from being rich. When a woman meets someone rich, she will get realistic. Isn’t that right? I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t she tell her friends? Am I really so embarrassing? Listen to my analysis. So, An Ning came from a humble family. It’s not like where we grew up. She may seem to be
blunt sometimes, but she is sensitive
when it comes to this matter. Besides, she is not a gold digger. For some women, your wealth is what
they have to show off. But for An Ning, it could be a burden. I… I think I was too harsh on her. I understand. You are trying hard to
walk into her life. But remember, it’s easy for you
to be part of her life. You are going in full of confidence. Whatever problems you run into… can be settled with money. But for An Ning, being part of your life is a challenge. She needs to overcome… the self-abashment and insecurity. She has to face a different
lifestyle in fear. People who don’t know about
your relationship… might be mocking her. I think you should… try to put yourself in her shoes. Maybe she is not ready… to be part of your life. ♪ I’ll help you recall the forgotten ♪ ♪ Every minute and second ♪ ♪ I put the pieces together ♪ ♪ as they are the troubles
of your memory ♪ ♪ There might be ups and downs
in the process ♪ ♪ But this is no surprise ♪ ♪ It could be confusing at times ♪ ♪ Can I keep my eyes clear in the end ♪ ♪ Our hearts beat as one ♪ ♪ We became relying on each other ♪ ♪ Each moment of resonance ♪ ♪ must be held on to the end ♪ ♪ I can’t forget but it’s fine ♪ ♪ It makes your past
even more precious ♪ ♪ As I re-enter and start to remember ♪ ♪ the moment spent together ♪ ♪ Face oblivion and
let it run nowhere ♪ ♪ Just like the barrages ♪ ♪ Please meet the dawn with me ♪ ♪ Face oblivion and let it run nowhere ♪ ♪ Just like the barrages ♪ ♪ Please meet the dawn with me ♪ ♪ Let oblivion run nowhere ♪ ♪ Even if the truth is hurtful ♪ ♪ Please meet the dawn with me ♪ ♪ I’ll help you recall the forgotten ♪ ♪ Every minute and second ♪ ♪ As I am here with you ♪ ♪ this moment will become our new ♪ ♪ memory ♪


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