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Election Watch: Voters reject collective bargaining for Colorado Springs firefighters

sand onto the ballot question Colorado Springs firefighters sought a permanent seat at the table with city leaders for a better say in how that department is run but their collective bargaining measure was rejected by voters tonight it only gains support from just about 31% of the vote new tonight Sam Kramer he’s in studio tonight the reaction from both sides yeah this campaign was really all about securing a say in how their department operates moving forward that’s things like equipment standards protocol for responding to calls and even compensation remember a large portion of their frontline apparatus their engines and trucks are way past industry standards in age and mileage they’re surprised tonight not only in the result but really the margin of defeat now as part of the campaign firefighters knocked on more than 47,000 doors another 10,000 done by volunteers they thought they got their message across but it’s clear tonight they fell short despite all the hours and more than 700 thousand dollars spent it’s a huge surprise to us especially the amount of work we put in we were almost certain that the city was ready to vote this sort of agreement into place their main opposition was Mayor John Suthers and the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce who argued that this would open the door for other city employees like police officers utility linemen and even foresters he says early polling actually favored the firefighters which is why his advertising focused on what he saw as negatives with a potential agreement obviously we were able to convince them that this was not something in the interest of the people of the city Cairo Springs and I’m really heartened by that result so moving forward Roy in the firefighters tell me they will remain professional continue to respond to emergencies at the best of their ability and Southers while he used adamant to say that public safety will always be his top priority particularly says he will do all he can to help the firefighters and police officers I was watching out for you Colorado Springs Sam Cramer news 5

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