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DMACC Partners with the Fire Department

Now to another partnership. This one
between DMACC and the Des Moines Fire Department DMACC is now providing
advanced paramedic training to all new Des Moines firefighters. Details were
unveiled at a recent news conference. Des Moines Area Community College
loves to partner with great organizations and it’s important to us
to make sure that we work with the citizens and the companies and the
entities in this area to provide great service. We’re doing the training with DMACC but we’re doing it in our facility and we’re sharing some of the
instruction and the resources and, for the fire department, that allows us to
maintain the environment that’s our Academy. It provides a lot more
resources to diversify the paramedic training in the environments that
you would apply that training. We have really good people and we want to
train them to do their best each and every day. So, this partnership that we
have with DMACC to have a state-of-the-art training program to
make sure that all of our people are trained to serve all of our citizens
across this city. We’ve all been given the opportunity here to gain the
knowledge and skills to help better our department in giving our citizens and
anybody passing through Des Moines the best treatment possible.

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