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Disco on fire — big operation in Miami. Wunderland Fire Fighters Part 5

Miami-Dade911 from Patrol 2C14. Go ahead Patrol 2C14. Patrol 2C14 reporting – heavy smoke showing on the second and
third floor, Club Breakwater – 2928 3rd ave – we need the fire department to respond immediately. Heavy smoke showing, 2928 3rd ave – fire department is on its way. Engine 10, Ladder 10, Engine 51, Engine 167, Engine 168, Engine 16, Engine 288, Ladder 34, Battalion 5, Battalion 9, division 1 respond to a full box alarm, 2928 3rd ave, PD on scene reporting heavy smoke
showing on the second and third floor. Miami-Dade911 from Engine 10: Engine 10 on scene reporting a working fire
on the second and third floor. requesting Engine 16, Engine 288 and Ladder 34 to stage at the rear of the building on 2115 2nd ave. Division 1 on scene, establishing command – fire under control, no entrapment, no injuries. engine 16, Engine 288, Engine 168 and Battalion 5
will be released from the scene. Division 1: Fire is out, all units clearing the scene.


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