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Designing better, safer firefighter gloves

[intro music] providing firefighters and first
responders with protective clothing to keep them safe is an obvious goal but
designing this clothing can be very difficult wearing the protective gear
basically is to protect your body from injury but also we rely a lot on our
hand to finish a task that’s why Iowa State researchers are trying to design
new firefighter gloves that deliver protection without losing the
functionality needed to do their job hand is so specific and with the thermal
regulation is different so we need a specific model make sure the each finger
being fully protected and also the performance of comfort performance of
dexterity can be realized by the design the new material
the most important part of the design is making sure the new glove can protect
against flames so the team applies the material to an open flame and measures
its effects by this test we can evaluate a fabric system so how long will take
take it to cause a second-degree burn if we apply this fabric system to a 84
kilowatts per square meter heat flux the glove is also tested against high
pressure steam and hot liquid but it’s not just analyzed against heat the
researchers also have a wind tunnel a model hand that can simulate sweating
and a full mannequin that can help simulate human movement so this is the
priority and basic focus how we can develop the relations of the glove
material property design and to make sure the dexterity is not lost too
much we can use these parameters to design new material to develop new
material and combined with the design features we can have an ultimate high
performance glove it’s a project that could help first responders do their
jobs better while also keeping them safer for Iowa State News Service I’m
Dave Olson

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