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Designated Survivor 1×13 Sneak Peek “Backfire” (HD) Season 1 Episode 13 Sneak Peek

Hey. Hey. Damn it. No cufflinks. Use paper clips. What? I’m serious. Any idea who got shot? Not a clue. I know. It’s shocking. But we need to move past this. Does anyone need to take a moment? Okay, good. Because we’re in a race against the clock. The country is gonna wake up to the news that their Vice President was murdered by his wife, who then killed herself. Do we know why she did it? No. Not really. Right now, the working theory is problems in the marriage. A domestic dispute? I don’t believe it. Well, unfortunately, it’s the only explanation investigators are willing to give until they know more. I will make the announcement. Sir, facing the press with only preliminary theories is like dropping blood in the water. And the timing alone is gonna raise questions. Somebody just tried to kill you, and now the Vice President gets murdered by his wife? Yeah, the press will be all over you for more details. Let me make a statement. No. This news the country needs to hear from their president. Sir, I have to point out that Speaker Hookstraten’s now next in line to the presidency. Right. I’ll talk to Kimble at the appropriate time. For now, bring her up to speed with what we know. These next few days are going to be crucial. I need you to hold yourselves together. Project strength. The American people deserve nothing less. Let’s get to work. Yes, sir.


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