Corpsmembers Constantly Train to Respond to Wildland Fires

What is wildland firefighting I always wanted to get into wildland firefighting. I joined the CCC for the fire crew and I fell in love with it You’ve just got work hard for it. This is what I want to do If there’s like an actual fire, I want to get up there as fast as possible probably do some cool out training We’ll probably go do a grass cut training probably some saw work. Generally we don’t do hoselays But it is a good skill to have just in case we’re ever thrown into that position The Lake Lopez fire really tough I mean it was like 30,000 feet of hose that we had to you know Dismount for me show they rolled up and then hiked it down the hill Oh, yeah, we’re always improving every time we come out and do stuff like this We’re gonna be hiking way more than just three miles when we’re on a fire. I definitely get super excited I mean you definitely like get nervous, but it’s fun. I was super nervous my first fire but as soon as we got out there and we got an Assignment, like I was like I’ve trained for this everything’s okay. I got my crew here and I felt alright and everything went well You only get opportunities like this once. That’s one of the main reasons I came here is for the experience resume. It’s something fun I generally like to do and Good paying job, something I can do in the future. Maybe like a month of doing this. I realized this is This is it. I want to career in this for sure So even if you don’t want to do fire the things that you’re gonna learn here You can apply it to any endeavor any career pathway that you want

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