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Columbia College’s On-Site Fire Dept. Sparks Careers in Firefighting Tech | Find It. Be It.

I am a Firefighter at West Point Fire. I
have a co-worker who’s a Firefighter One right now, he went through the Columbia
College Fire Academy and he had nothing but great things to say about it. So, I
decided to give it a try myself. Right now, it’s gonna be a certificate for the
Academy and it’s gonna be a cert for a Firefighter One, which I need in order to progress in the field. Also, this is a part of my Associates degree for Fire
Technology, so it’s also working for me. Community College to me, is more of a place where you can find yourself, better
yourself, plan your future, and I sort of calmer atmosphere than a typical
University. The Fire Program at Columbia College is amazing and you get a lot of
hands-on experience, and you learn straight from the book, a lot of
practical skills and things you never even knew anything about. This is the
best place to be at to learn about the Fire Department Fire Industry. Career
Education to me means education for job atmosphere, something that’ll skills
that’ll help you in the career field. Career Education. Find it. Be it.

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