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Church Ladies & The Extinguishers Bring The Heat To The Kitchen | Season 1 Ep. 10 | THE F WORD

GARRET: This is our
team, The Extinguishers. We are San Francisco
firefighters. I trust all three
of these people with my life on a daily basis. MAUREEN: We call
ourselves Church Ladies, because we met at church,
but I think it’s tying together faith, fun, and food. We might go to church, but we
certainly know how to party. [CHEERING] OJ: It is crucial that
everyone gets fed on time. We can be called out to
an emergency at any time. [SIRENS] JEAN: We’re ready to
bring this win home. MAUREEN: Watch out
’cause we’re hot! [SIZZLE] GARRET: The other team needs
to be worried about us, because San Francisco
firefighters are probably the best cooks in the country. OJ: No contest. MAUREEN: Bring it on, men.

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