Chiropractor helps Westfield Firefighter with “lightning bolt” leg pain

– All right, we’re here with Matthew. We’re gonna get him set up on
lumbar decompression today. And he’s all set up and ready to go. Matthew, why don’t you just
share with us a little bit about some of your symptoms
that you’re experiencing and just some of your progress
since you’ve started care, chiropractic and decompression with us. – Okay, well, the main reason
why I came in is because I was having some pretty
significant low back pain. The pain was actually, it felt like it was lightning shooting
down my right leg. And it was stiff basically all the time, but especially in the morning, when coming out of bed
it took me quite a while just to be able to get going again. But that pain shooting down
my leg was constantly there. – It was down the side of
your leg, right Matthew? – Yeah, yeah, right down the
side of it, hurt pretty bad. So I came in here a couple months ago and you came up with the prescription for this and
it’s been awesome, man. I’ve been, that shooting
pain has been gone for probably about a month now. I’m a firefighter up at
Westfield, so I’m pretty active, so I needed to basically take an Advil, I was taking 8 to 12 Advil a day just to be able to get through the day
without the pain, but now– – How many are you taking now, Matthew? – I’m taking zero now,
so it’s pretty awesome. – Yeah, so from 12 Advil a day to zero, and from lightning pain shooting down the right leg to, any pain now? – No pain at all. – Okay, very good. And how does this decompression feel? So what we did, I set
up Matthew on the table. We have basically like a corset wrapped right under his ribcage
and then along his waist. And what this is gonna do, it’s gonna pull weight, it’s gonna traction out. We started out at about 120 pounds and we’ve increased to 140 pounds of pressure over a 17-minute cycle. So that’s helped Matthew significantly, combined with his chiropractic
adjustments to take pressure off of the nerves that are
compressed in that low back, shooting down into his right leg. And he’s doing a lot better. Back to his active lifestyle. You work out a little bit, don’t you? – Yep, yep, try to get it every day. – Thanks for sharing your story with us. – Hey, thank you. – All right.

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