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Chicago Fire – Pool Rescue (Episode Highlight)

– Kidd, Cordova, Mouch, get
these kids out of the pool. Herrmann, you and me
find the utility closet. Get this power off. – Okay, let’s go.
Everyone out! The pool area is unsafe! [children screaming] – Come on out of there.
Come out of the pool. Come out.
Come on, let’s go. Come on, guys.
Come on, guys. – Let’s get you out. [children screaming]
– Come on, swim towards me. – Hey. Hey! Hey! Come back! – In there.
– Come back! Come on, get back here! [dramatic music] [door knob jingles] – Nope. Locked. – Strike. – [grunting] – Come on!
– Keep paddling, keep paddling. – Get back here!
Hey! Wha– – Come on.
There you go. There you go. – Pull! [straining] – Okay, now follow the others. Good job. ♪ – Come on.
Swim to me. Come on.
I’m gonna get you safe. – Casey, hurry!
– Yeah! We got a steel door
locked tight. – [grunting] – Hurry! [sign creaks] – [straining] – Got her?
– Yeah. – Come on, kid. Help us out here, huh? – [screams] – That’s it.
– Shh, we got you. – Let’s go.
– We got you. Come on. [sign creaks] – We got him. – Come on.
– Here we go. – Get your legs out! Come on. [both panting] – [sighs] – Good job, guys. You okay?


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