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Chicago Fire – In It Together (Episode Highlight)

  • All I am going to say is this; wow, that was not what I was expecting at all, I'm thrilled about Stellaride (Stella and Severide) finally sticking, I'm worried about what kind of corruption Grissom is going to bring to HQ, what is going to happen with Crett (Cruz and Brett), and is Dawesy going to be divorcing next season…😮😕

  • Not going too lie but come on you could of made a better Cliffhanger seasons 4s one had people edge of there seats wanting too find out who made it out

  • This wasss sooo heartwrenching, why can't the writers give dawsey a break… lately it seems to be constant fighting and peacemaking between them. But I lovee how stellaride is going 😍😍😍

  • Dawson's a fool!!! Plain and simple. She can't see her risk does not outway the love Casey has for her.
    Hope she signs a new contract for next season or this will be her last Rodeo.

  • I can't wait to see the direction of next season. Chief definitely deserved that spot although there are too many politics involved. He actually cares about the well-being of the firefighters more than a position title. I hope the new guy (cant even remember his name, i hate him so much on this show) is found guilty of something and loses that position. Casey deserves someone who will listen to him and not be completely selfish. He has let Gabbie dictate the whole relationship and he deserves a say in whether she is willing to give her life to give birth. Its not really fair for the child to not have her as a mother. Miracles happen but he feels it's not worth the risk and that's understandable.

  • I’m just going to say this. Deciding to have a baby is one descion your husband should definitely be involved in. Especially because the babies going to be half his.

  • Dawsey is so toxic for each other. For me, this ship has sunk. Just split already and put yourselves out of your misery. Dawson has always run solo; she can't be a wife and Casey loves her too much to face the fact that she is never going to change.

  • Yesss I Was So Happy That Stellaride Back Together💕💏💖💖💖& So Happy Reene Is Freakin Gone I Don't Like Her, She Made Me Mad When She Kissed Kelly Like You Know He Got A Girlfriend Nd She Will Beat Yo Ass😂😂😂😂

  • Truly one of my favorite couples on these Chicago shows. Gabby and Casey just hitting a rough patch like all marriages do in real life and on TV fake couples. They'll fix it and come back stronger. Shows for the most part always give cliffhangers on Season Finales. Alot stuff going on in Fire no doubt. Can't wait for next season

  • Any body else is wondering why Brett had a melt down? Something had to do with the woman dying might have triggered Brett's past? Idk.
    I'm just glad they didn't put Brett with Cruz. (Sorry not sorry) I just don't think we need more in house romance.

  • I love this show and how they tackle family issues. I am so glad Brett and Casey finally told Dawson what I've been thinking for a while. Once you have a partner either is relationship wise or professional one both parties opinion should matter, it's not one sided. She made so many decision without including Casey still he stood by her and let her have it her way. Enough is enough if you going to marry someone and you have problem depending on one another just don't say i do. She has an incredible man who would move heaven on earth for her still she treat him like his nothing. Choosing to have a child knowing the risk of leaving that child motherless is simply selfish and how the hell did she think Casey was going to get by doing his job while raising a kid on his own. Girl be tripping, there are not alot of Casey out there, she better get her sh&t together or i smell a divorce coming soon.

  • I feel like the writers ruined Dawson. They had an opportunity to have her grow as a character and learn from her mistakes but they didn't. Almost every episode it's the same old with Dawson making impulsive decisions and leaving Casey out of it. If this is the end of her character, then it's quite a shame.

  • I hope Dawson does not go to Puerto Rico. Casey and her need to spend more time together with and they deserve to start a family.

  • 1:20 I thought when there Gabby see how much Matt love her and start crying when he only imagine he can lose her she will change her mind and sit down to talk about their future because Matt is one of the kind but no. She will leave someone who cares about her more than himself and gives her everything to stay in his life. Wow too much drama in last 2 days (Chicago PD and Chicago Fire seasons finales)

  • Of all the women Severide has had, the writers on this show put him with with Kidd?? She’s not a good actress or character! Write her out next season!

  • I want gabby and Matt to have a baby together and just be happy instead of falling out everyyyyy season 😭😭

  • Being serious though, if Gabby and Matt break up I’m not watching the show after that. It would just upset me too much 😭😭

  • Just going to put this out there rn….gabby may love Matt , but she's nowhere near ready for marriage or the things that come with it . I observed her behavior all season , and it's sad how how left out she's made her husband feel. I know losing Louie disappointed her, but the fact that she wasn't considerate of Matts feelings , not once bothered me . It's literally always "her way or the highway " and it's not fair . If the roles were reversed and Matt was pressuring her to have a baby and making major decisions without her input ,cutting her off, disappearing in the night and making her wait up I bet she'd change her tune. Marriage is basically a partnership with someone you love and care about more than anything . Matts put up with so much …I just don't see their marriage getting stronger or lasting if gabby wants to act single and run away from the issues every time she doesn't get her way

  • I have no hope for dawsey. The writers ruined both casey and gabby. There are rumors floating around of monica not returning for season 7. This might be the end.

  • I'm so happy that everything between Kelly and Stella are good I would have cried if they broke up. Now I all I have to do is worry about Dawson and Casey

  • Most heartbreaking scene, I don’t understand why the writers couldn’t let gabby be pregnant. I’m also happy of stellaraide 💑👫

  • WHAT WAS THIS FINALE??? Come on Dawsey has been fighting all season long and the they end it like this??? NO i am not happy about this!! Dawson better walk her butt back into their apartment and solve this! Dawsey are soul mates and they deserve to have a family and be happy

  • I LOVE DAWSEY- I love Gabby and Matt but sometimes Gabby can be selfish, its not about her being independent, she never thinks about how Matt will feel- she makes all the decisions- their breakup, fostering Louie, Bria, the Cordova thing and we all know that if Matt was the one that had done these things she would be so angry and jealous. I really thought Matt would be the closed off person in this relationship considering his childhood but its the opposite. If DAWSEY breaks up I will stop watching.

  • Got super emotional watching this scene last night. Still have the same affect now. I agree with Casey here. He doesn’t want to lose her. Dawson is being selfish not seeing how much this is affecting him. So tired of seeing them fight like this. Why didn’t the writers think about mentioning a surrogate. Hopefully they can figure something out in season 7.

  • So stupid was I to think that finally, after everything that they have been through, that season 6 would end with Dawson finding out that she was pregnant and that season 7 would see them take on not just the challenges of being parents, but also how to balance being parents and first responders and all the dangers that the job entails. No, instead, we get this heartbreaking ending that no body wants and leaves us with an agonising wait to find out if #Dawsey is all over.
    I will be so disappointed if this is the end for them, after investing in this relationship for 6 seasons, I don't think I can watch if they divorce. How is it still the same show with no Dawson and Casey seeing someone else? It's not right.
    I really hope that, if Monica Raymund does was to take some time out, that the producers/ network give her the time but then have her come back say, maybe after the midseason break? Dawson can go to Puerto Rico and Casey can focus on being an amazing Captain and firefighter, then pick themselves up and sort out this mess that we've been left with. So many options for them to explore, surely first and foremost, asking the doctor what the options are to fix the aneurysm? Then look at surrogacy and adoption together, as a couple, not apart, and not with Dawson putting herself first all the time.
    Just a really awful end to this season, that has actually had some really sweet and powerful #dawsey moments. Rant over!

  • They need to kill off Dawson. She's a nonsensical drama queen extraordinaire who's clearly mentally unstable. There's no way she could pass a psych eval. No way I would let her perform treatment on myself or anyone I know.

  • I agree with Jesse Spencer's comment that the season 6 finale was their best yet. Instead of focusing on a big fire and leaving lives in the balance the show focused on the characters and left many relationships up in the air giving the writers more to work with next season. That being said I am still devastated by what happened to dawsey. From the season premiere they have had Dawson struggling to overcome almost losing Matt and then her father so I was hoping for good news. Even if she found out she was both pregnant and had a life threatening condition. That would've made for good drama next season and hopefully given us a dawsey baby for ep 150. But ever since stellaride hooked up at Molly's dawsey has been pushed aside. I've lost count as to all the parallels between the two couples. I could probably ship stellaride if it didn't feel like I was watching dawsey 2.0. And if Monica Raymund is truly leaving I hope they have gabby die. As painful as it is to have a character die its even more so hoping they'll return.

  • Having kids which could lead to your death is something that parents have to be in agreement with. In my opinion. Just because I think that while you are willing to take a risk, if you die. Then they have to raise the baby on their own. That is a big thing. Some people can't be a single parent and cope with loosing the person they love at the same time. Also some people can have guilt and anger towards the baby that caused the mother's death. There are so many feelings and concerns with this issue. And while you might be willing to take the risk yourself, your child and partner are the ones that are going to have to deal with all the pain and consequences of your choice. It is one of the few things that I don't think should be a solo choice to make.

  • Matt deserves better than this! Also… why the heck has he not been wearing his wedding ring? I find it attractive 😩

  • I think it would make more sense if Gabby got pregnant and then went to a specialist and found out about the anerysym. Casey tries to convince her to abort it cause he doesn't want to risk losing her, but she doesn't want to lose another child. Then they argue and whatever. To me it makes more sense then them fighting over Gabby wanting to get pregnant instead of adopting, especially since there is always surrogacy that solves their problem.

  • I always thought Gabby was rather selfish when it came to Matt and their relationship, but this scene is truly something else. Gabby want's a baby but there is a chance she will die – leaving Matt widowed and raising the baby alone, so Matt suggests adopting (like any normal person) and is somehow the bad guy in all this? And what does Gabby do? does she talk it out with her significant other? does she suggest counselling to better understand each other? of course not! she decides to ignore her husband and take a job in Puerto Rico more than 2,000 miles away without telling him. Her body, her choice? then she can find some other stand-up guy to knock her up with the bonus chance of killing her. This seasons finale was really bad to be honest:(

  • I can't believe she's really leaving the show. How will they explain that Gabby just leaves her husband, friend, family, the Molly's…
    Are they gonna get divorced ? I'm so sad !!!!!!! 😭😭😭

  • I am going to miss my fierce Latina woman, Gabby Dawson.  Monica Raymund was the FIRST actor hired in the One Chicago universe and she brought so much to the role.  The likeability of a character, or lack of, is all in the writers' hands.  But I loved the strength, determination, and honesty of Gabby.  I know some fans only saw her as selfish but she was at least interesting to me.  I sincerely hope  they do not replace her with another cardboard cutout, vanilla Barbie doll type even if that would probably make some of the Casey fangirls happy.

  • Well get ready for Matt to he alone next season. Monica Raymund is leaving the show(her choice) she desires to move on in life to see what's around the next bend of life. So her character is headed for Puerto Rico. Bye Gabby. For me you made the show. Cannot honestly say I'll continue to watch now. Best to you Monica AND Chicago Fire in 2018 season.

  • She has to go to Puerto Rico because she left the show, so the writers can’t just make her disappear without reason, sad to see her go.

  • I hope they give Dawson at least a scene where she says goodbye and they don't just have her already left for PR.

  • Just gonna through this out here. I used to be a huge Dawsey shipper. But I'm not anymore and here's why: she doesn't treat him well. Matt grew up in an abusive household that eventually led his mother killing his father to protect him. Matt is insecure because of his father. And every time Gabby has gone behind his back, with Louie and Bria and now this, it reminds Matt yet again how he is not worthy of being loved. And Matt does not deserve that. Watch this scene and watch how he cries, how he asks why he isn't good enough. Watch as he breaks. Gabby's independent and strong-willed but she's hurting her husband. And come S.7 when she goes to Puerto Rico and is killed off (since Monica Raymond isn't coming back) I think Matt will be better off. Because he loses a little more of his spirit each time she makes him feel inadequate and unloved.

  • Good riddance to Gabby. I mainly stopped watching that show because of her. She was selfish, one-sided and a self-centered control freak. She was completely unsympathetic to Brett and she ignored her husband's caring ideas for adoption when wanting to get herself pregnant would kill her. Glad she is gone.

  • I see where they both are coming from. For Dawson, it's a basic, primal, deep need. For Casey, he's worried she'll die, which is valid. I don't know who I sympathize with more tbh. On another note, Stellaride all the way!

  • Why do writers love to make Jesse suffer like this, it was the same thing with Cameron when he was at house md :/

  • Going to miss Gabby's character on the show, and her and Matt's relationship as well but excited to see where the new season takes us. I was ready for a change of things. I hope severide and kidd keep it going strong in the new season.

  • I love this show…but… How come when a character is written off the show, that character is hardly ever mentioned again? They’ll bring up Dawson just because she was there for 6 seasons and was engaged to Casey….but that never happens with anyone else. Excluding Shay…

    They talked about Mills for maybe 1 or 2 episodes after he left, they never talked about Jimmy after he left, never talked about Chili, never talked about Clarke, never talked about Newhouse, never talked about Vargas, never talked about Jones (that I can remember), never talked about Rafferty.. I mean even Kannell who was Casey’s friend that he brought from the other firehouse after his team was killed was trapped in the building at the end of season 5 but he wasn’t in season 6 at all. He just disappeared..?

    I mean..isn’t the firehouse supposed to be this huge family? You’d think they’d check up on these people or at least have the ones who are alive come to the house to visit, right? Just show up for an episode or 2 to let the viewers know they’re still doing okay and have rebounded in a good way after leaving. Idk… those small little story lines would definitely be better than all the dramatic ones about the romantic relationships. Idk.. just my opinion.. it just kind of bugs me.. again, I love this show and I will watch it until it ends, I just wish they kept the written off characters somewhat relevant. Even if they just mentioned their name just once. Can’t wait for season 7 !

  • Είναι υπέροχη σειρά …με πολλά διδάγματα…. είναι κάτι που λείπει από την ελληνική τηλεόραση .. Μπράβο στο κανάλι της Μακεδονίας…

  • Conspiracy theory what if Dawson left because she was pregnant and didn’t want Matt to worry or Matt to make her have an abortion and she comes back in a season or two and has a baby with her 😱😱😱😂

  • She’s so immature. If she dies who does she think will be left alone to raise that baby? Marriage is a partnership however u make it. Deciding to put your life on the line should never be one half of a couples decision. This was really shortsighted of her. I’m team Casey here. He deserves better

  • Gabby is gone and now Britt might live as well I really think Casey is falling in love with Britt just by the way he was looking at her in last night episode when the chaplain asked her to marry him. Casey looked like he was crying

  • This is why I never completely liked Dawsey. It's never been a relationship with two people. There was Dawson, who makes decisions and then there was Casey, who in the end always let her take the last decision. And not only in the last season it's from season 3 and on. So my unpopular decision is that I would have preferred they kept Shay.

  • Hopefully, she matures when she returns from Puerto Rico. There is still love between them and you can see it. He needs to see things from her perspective as well. They should talk this over and see a counselor.

  • You can do a great one on your day if you don’t want to go to your house 🏠
    You have. Done. A. great job. Saving All. the. People who have been in a. fire.

  • Hi I'm a huge fan I love the videos I watch them every day I wish I can be a fiteriter like you all when I'm older I want to be like you all I'm only a kid im 9 years old

  • I hate writers! They broke up on the best ships that Chicago fire had! We all love Dawsey and now we won’t see them ever again! It Makes me up upset watching this video right now! They could have been so happy together but writers have to make them argue and break up and have a stupid damn divorce 😤😤😤😤😓😓😓😓😓🙄🙄🙄😢😢😭😭😣😣😖😫😫😫🥺🥺🥺😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😤

  • Gabby wasn’t good for Matt. No matter what he did she always found ways to shut him out and then do what she wants regardless and expect him to be ok with it no matter what

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