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Chicago Fire – Cutting Down Doors (Episode Highlight)

– Guys, we can’t wait.
We got to get in there now! [tense music] ♪ [mechanical whirring] ♪ His IV must have blown.
His throat’s swelling. We need a tube. ♪ – [man choking] ♪ – Good! – [sputtering] – Hold him down.
– I can’t. – Hold him down! – I got him.
Okay. – Damn, he’s unconscious. – You’re in. Hey, waiting to take that door
off almost cost you a life. Can’t believe we considered going private
for even a minute. – You’ll wish
you’d gone private once Commissioner Staton’s
gone. – What does that mean? – You haven’t heard? Fire commissioner’s taking
a big FEMA post. Word is the whole CFD’s
getting handed over to some desk jockey. Thanks for the gauze. – [sighs]


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