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CFO Terry McDermott Introduces On-Call Firefighter Awareness Week 2019

So I’m joined here by Terry McDermott
the national leader on-call firefighters Terry how are you? I’m very well thank you. Ok what we’re going to discuss is the launching
of a national awareness campaign around on-call
firefighters and that’s going to be taking place from the week commencing the 7th January. Why we’re doing it is because we want as a
Fire and Rescue Service across the whole of the
country to raise an awareness that we have this thing called on-call firefighters
sometimes referred to as retained and what they do is these are
firefighters who provide an emergency Fire and Rescue Service across large
areas of the country, I’m talking over 80% of the country is covered by on-call
firefighters and we want to get a general awareness among the
public about the existence of the role of the on-call firefighter and what’s
actually involved and in particular, we want to be able to explain to people out
there that you know you may already have a job doing something else another role
in life but there is an opportunity for you to come and join and be an on-call
firefighter in your local area and this is something that can wrap around your
current role or lifestyle choices. Ok, we’ve got a website that’s been
developed called’ if you access that website there is a whole
host of information on there telling you about what’s expected in terms of
commitments etc and you can even click on your local area in one of the
drop-down boxes, express an interest in becoming an on-call firefighter or seek
further information from your local Fire and Rescue Service.


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