CCTV captures the moment Paul Walker’s car burst into flames after LA crash

In the top corner, you can see smoke. This
is from the explosion which killed Hollywood star Paul Walker. Taken from a building down the street, the
security camera shows as black smoke starts to rise, and then there’s a flash as the car
explodes. Soon after, others rush to the scene. Walker was the passenger, on a 20-minute drive
around Santa Clarita with his friend Roger Rodas. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department, the Porsche may have been speeding in the minutes leading up to Saturday’s crash
– but denied the car was drag racing. Walker was in the middle of filming Fast and
Furious 7 – the movie series which made him famous – when he died. Producers have not yet revealed whether they
will continue with the film, but rumours suggest they may well go ahead using what they already
have in the can.

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