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Catie O’Connor Shares Her View As A Woman Firefighter | Season 1 Ep. 13 | FIRST RESPONDERS LIVE

– During my academy, females working for
the fire department of about 450 employees. It’s really cool to see
young kids excited to see a female firefighter. It has absolutely provided
me a unique opportunity to be a staple within the community. There’s a big separation
between the fire department and my home life. When I’m at work, I’m a fireman. When I’m home, I’m not. My biggest accomplishment
is by far my family. I have six fantastic children. Their ages are from 15
all the way down to three. Jamison turns three today. Our average day here at
home is pretty chaotic. There’s always
something going on. Somebody always has a
practice or a social event. I’m very involved
with their school. We’re always keeping them on a
track to reaching their goals. It’s like putting on
this different cape where you’re blanketing what
happened the night before. The most recent years
with the fire service has been very challenging. But I think my kids
are really proud of me being a firefighter.
– Yay! [clapping] [interposing voices] [rock music]

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