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Butlin’s holidaymakers warned as toxic gas cloud from sewage plant looms

A toxic chemical cloud has descended over a Butlin’s resort after a nearby sewage treatment plant was evacuated The Minehead Sewage Treatment Works in Dunster, Somerset was evacuated after the cloud appeared in the area around 1 20pm today. Cops say there has been a “potential release of toxic gas” from the plant Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and police are currently at the the Minehead Sewage Treatment Works, Somerset Live reports PSCO Linda Brooks posted on Facebook: “There has been a release of potential toxic gas from the Wessex Water plant at Dunster Marsh “Please if you live within these areas be mindful of a sulphur type smell. As a precaution the fire brigade suggests to keep windows and doors closed, especially those within the immediate vicinity “We believe this will last anything up to four hours. If anyone should feel unwell and have respiratory issues please present yourself at the hospital ” A fire service spokesman said: “A large amount of smoke was seen coming from the main plant area “The site was evacuated while people living in the area were advised to stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed A nearby railway line was also closed and emergency services workers have visited the Butlin’s holiday park and beach to advise people of the situation “Working with other agencies and the site owners, firefighters in gas tight suits are supplying water to the most affected area to provide a suppression spray whilst samples are taken from the plume Residents have been warned to close all doors and windows by police. A police spokesman said: ““We are asking people to close their doors and windows as a precaution Initial reports suggested Butlins advised resident to stay indoors, but the resort has denied this is true A spokesman said: “We are taking advice from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and currently have not received instructions to ask guests to stay indoors ”

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