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Bull City Today – March 4, 2020 (ep. 797) Durham Fire Department Recruitment

If you’re interested in becoming a firefighter,
the Durham Fire Department is now accepting applications. From now until March 31st, the
department is taking applications for entry-level firefighters, certified firefighters, and
certified A-EMTs. For entry-level firefighters, a high school diploma or equivalent is needed,
but no fire experience is necessary. There are currently 19 openings that the department
needs to fill, but there could be more by the end of the application period. New for
this year, optional sessions on hiring information, practice agility, written test-taking tips
and interview panel tips will be held on March 23 and March 25. While these sessions are
not required, they are highly recommended. For more information on hiring requirements,
the optional sessions, and how to apply, visit Durham NC dot gov slash 624. You can also
follow the department on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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