Brush Fire House Protection – Rooftop Sprinkler System (links below)

Hey guys, so I couldn’t think of a better day than today to show you my newly installed brush fire protection system These are rooftop sprinklers which I purchased on Amazon and I’m gonna put the link below this video And I added a couple of other pretty cool features Firstly I can control these remotely using the app So wherever I am in the world if I get a notification that there’s a brush fire I can switch these on now The fire department’s recommend that if there’s a fire within one mile that you actually activate the System because the embers can travel up to a mile Now as you can see it’s giving pretty good coverage here. It’s going right up to The edge of the yard there It’s kind of topping up the swimming pool, too, so I’m getting sprayed here, so let me move out to the front Alright here. We are out front. Let me get out of the line of fire So they get a pretty good view of them in action, and you can see the brush fire obviously over there Now this house is 2,000 square feet so they recommend two sprinklers and what I’ve done is also on Amazon I purchase one of these So let me turn the sprinklers off This is a remote controller that I mentioned and you can use the app to turn these on from anywhere setup was incredibly simple actually surprisingly so It it’s a pretty rudimentary Chinese device But somehow the app actually Paired with my Wi-Fi on the first go we tried it out on iPhone and Android works really well, so There is a power connector here the one they give you is really short, so I’m gonna put a link below for the Extension that I purchased and that just runs into our garage here Don’t even see it. It’s in the corner there and a little friend coming over here All right so that’s the power and then I purchased a heavy-duty rubber Firestone hose from Home Depot and This just runs on the flowerbed And then I’ve hidden it behind the drain pipe Now there I commend putting it up the drain pipe that actually we found that wasn’t possible It was just these angles were too tight so It’s pretty well disguised there with a few cable ties So I’m happy with that and then it runs up the gutter Up onto the roof All right I better turn this back on and I’ll leave you with a little rain shower

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